Friday, February 9, 2018


So after leaving a response to Tom Brady's instagram post today found myself being barraged by mean Patriot fans. And they say Eagles fans get a bad rap?

What was interesting is they were pissed that I called their beloved quarterback out on being unsportsmanlike. While yes it's only my opinion, his behavior on the field more than backs it up.

After a game in any sport usually athletes shake hands and loser at least tries to congratulate other team. But after losing Brady has been known to just run off the field without shaking hands which in sports is known as very unsportsmanlike.

After the Eagles Super Bowl win he did exactly that, ran off the field without making an effort to find the Eagles quarterback Foles and shake his hand. After countless playoff wins, five Super Bowl wins you think Brady could show more couth.

It's not only that, if you watch Brady during the season, he has thrown temper tantrums on the sidelines, and what looks like yelling at the coaches. That to fans of football who are watching comes across not only unsportsmanlike but rather divaish behavior.

It's not just Tom Brady, other athletes have been known to do it here and there as well. But today it just happened to be able Brady.

Of course his fans took to quickly defending his behavior saying it was a huge lost he had the right to act that way. No sorry he doesn't, and why does our society always try to excuse poor behavior away?

Here is a image shot of exactly the comment I made to Tom Brady.

Felt my comments were right on target. Brady has been in the league a lot longer than Foles or Wentz. But Foles and Wentz have a maturity, sportsmanlike, respect, quiet character that is not only reflected in their game play but off the field as well. They aren't the types to disrespect a coach by yelling at them on the sideline or avoiding a handshake because they lost a game. Both would tell you failure is part of life and playing sports it's what makes them better people. But Brady with all his years of experience has had plenty of time to adjust to losing football games yet he continually handles it poorly. And so I do think he might learn something from spending a little time with both Foles and Wentz. Shaking their hands would be a great start. :)

They say true character is actually revealed during tough times.  What's even better is his fans showed their true character and unsportsmanlike behavior by lashing out with bullying behavior and name calling in response to my comment.

Charliecoes called me "naive" went on a rant about how many super bowls Brady has won, not getting the point that it's not about that at all;  bryan_a.spam_ told me Brady was too upset over losing and to "f**k off scrub";  blanchedevereaux07 called me a "dummy and then said "stfu".  I responded back to all three with kind words, copied Brady in as well to point out how not so nice his fans are and went about my day. What I liked to remind all three was it was opinion which I'm free to express, never once did I resort to name calling or swearing and that they all showed their true unsportsmanlike side by how they choose to respond as well. 

We live in a our society that needs to learn the art of sportsmanlike actions and behaviors as they are not only important in sports but in life as well. Sportsmanlike is defined as the following....

Fair, respectful, and polite toward other players when participating in a sport. 

But isn't that how we should treat all people, everyday? It shouldn't matter if we agree or disagree with people, whether we win or lose, etc.. It's a matter of having character and the those things that define sportsmanlike are essential to building character.

Again just an opinion but something to think about.....

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