Monday, February 5, 2018

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Champions

That headline says it all.

Philadelphia has waited decades for a win such as this.

But this season it really means something.  It's not just about one player, this season was about a bunch of athletes who came together to create something great.  Some gave up large salaries, some donated their salary to local schools, when players went out injured others were there to step up to the challenge.  When the franchise QB who was on his way to an MVP season got injured the backup QB stepped in, a backup that many seemed to already write off.

They said we couldn't win but what do the experts know. One game was all we needed for this miracle team to show who they were and to win a Super Bowl.  So many on the team believed and trusted in their faith that they could. Some historical statistics were even set. The win felt almost like divine intervention at times had a hand.

Magical finish to a magical season. And Nick Foles and Carson Wentz both bring a faith and inspiration to Philadelphia that has been sorely missing and is much appreciated. Bring on the parade.

Congratulations Philadelphia Eagles on the Super Bowl win.  True Champions!

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