Friday, January 5, 2018


Not sure what I'm doing anymore with this blog. the reasons why I first started writing made sense and still do. But my ability to write freely and often seems to have changed. 

There are moments where I feel like writing but don't make the effort.  Other times where I feel like writing but not quite sharing my truths with the world. There are times where I feel like there is so much to write about and other moments where I can't seem to muster anything to write about. And posting photos is something I've become even worse at. But I didn't create this blog to babble or write about just anything.  It was originally created as journal.

It just feels like this space needs a makeover of sorts. Maybe a name change as I'm just not feeling ann micheles world anymore yet ann michele is of course taken.  And not feeling all that creative at the moment to come up with something different either.

Then there is the man who isn't particularly fond of me talking about him on my blog. Think he would prefer I just not write anything.  But that's okay because I'm not fond of him working on his sportsboss website all the time either.  So when he wants to give up his little website I'll be fine with giving up mine because it would be a good compromise. Until then figure will write when I feel like it.

The new year always brings this sense of wanting to make changes and reflecting back on the past. Though they say not to dwell on the past yet I for one find it harder the older I become not to.

The other night had this calming dream about just floating on rather huge waves to get to where I was going.  It was an interesting dream. Of course it made me want to take a vacation to the beach.  That's something the man and I have to get better with.  Even if it's just taking mini vacations.  But traveling with a dog can be tricky especially Cooper who loves to bark.  We used to take Angel every where but she was a much calmer dog who actually listened. Cooper is a little rebel who prefers not to always listen which makes taking him places much more difficult.

Anyway, think I'm going to try to get better with writing but we'll see how it goes.

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