Monday, November 6, 2017

Monday Musings

Well the weather has been so warm lately that the thought of cold temperatures arriving this week has me almost panicked.  Cold weather just makes it so much harder to get and stay motivated.

I've been terrible at writing lately, promptly me to wonder should I even write here anymore.  But it's a nice outlet for thoughts so tend to keep it around.

Spent last weekend trying to catch up around the house.  Had Salvation Army coming to pick up household stuff, and wanted to clean out more to give them as well.  What's amazing is all the proceeds from the stuff they sell in their stores goes to fund their rehab centers.  It's nice to know where the proceeds go, hopefully it's helping some to recover and find a straighter path.

Although I did spend over 3 hours watching the Penn State vs Ohio State game as well Saturday afternoon, only to be completely disappointed when Ohio State came back and won the game.  That's the downside of sports. ha

Halloween rolled around and for two days it turned chillier, of course for the holiday right?  Bought a huge bag of candy, 250 pieces to be exact but only went through maybe half the bag.  Just not that many kids around I suppose, and some it seemed didn't even venture out that night.  So we have been nibbling on the leftovers. :)

The week was rather busy too.  My little nephew had to visit some specialists as he's had some GI issues and doesn't eat all that much, on top of it thyroid tests came back abnormal.  If they remain that way after next test he will have to take some thyroid medicine as it's a crucial hormones during those early developmental years.  So I met my sister at the doctors office to be there as help for her and to be able to hear what the doctors thought.

The nephew and I were out running errands Friday together, it's always a hoot trying to get these high tech strollers in and out of car. So many moving parts of them, and when one gets stuck I'm left trying to figure out how to get it unstuck.  But wanted to get back home as the weather was so warm, it was perfect day for being outside.

This weekend seemed just as busy.  Friday tried to clean things up as Saturday had a lot to catch up on.  Our bathroom shower drain had a rather big back up during the week, which required a plumbers attention, that left a mess to clean up in the bathroom. (my least favorite room to clean as the chemicals are way too overwhelming)

Sunday was all about fun.  We went to the Eagles vs Broncos game in Philly.  Tickets on the 40 yard line allowed for a good view of the game.  Did some tailgating before the game.  The portable charcoal grill comes in handy now, not only can be tailgate with it but the heat from it acts like a mini heater of sorts. The forecast was for 65, clouds and drizzle. It started off chilly so layered up well, but turns out the sun decided to peak out and warm things up.  So two layers had to come off at the start of the game.  Pretty much everyone around us was peeling off layers.

In Philly one is never quite sure how the fans will react to a fan of the opposite team.  Philly sports fans are not known as being the nicest.  So going when the man who is a Broncos fan definitely made me slightly nervous.  His promise to play it low key pretty much fell through as he sported his bright orange jersey.  The man is notorious for say one thing do another.  Luckily we had some nice fans around us who took a few playful jabs at the man but nothing nasty.  Of course when the Eagles beat the Broncos 51-23 think the fans would tend to be a tad nicer. 

We had some Sixers players sitting not far behind us too.  And young lovers in front of us who were making out more than watching the game.  Hey I'm a romantic so would never complain about something like that, just wish it was us doing the making out not them. :)  If only people showed more love and less hate the world might be a much better place!

Going to such a game though is a long day, we left at 9 and got home around 7. The traffic is absolutely insane, we even tried hanging out at a bar close by for a little to avoid some of it but it was still heavy by the time we made our way home. Funny too because the man said how he needed to stay awake until at least 10 but he was pretty much out by 8.

It's amazing this time of year how one day the lawn is perfectly clear and next covered in leaves.  I've been getting estimates on our front tree, as the tree is not only huge but not in great shape.  Two weeks ago a large chunk fell just missing the man's car.  The tree was improperly trimmed years ago which is made it regrow and form weakened areas that are rather dangerous.  The prices to take it down though are way higher than we expected.  But it might be worth it, in long run it would actually save money and time.  Not to mention help the lawn and surrounding flower beds.  But it's hard to put that kind of money into taking down a tree. Something to really think about for sure.

And I'm must realizing that by the time I post this is will be Tuesday already. 

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