Monday, October 2, 2017

We Must Do Better

It upsets me to read people turning this mass shooting into more political jargon and trying to blame one side. Mass shootings have occurred under both Republican and Democrat leadership. When do we start putting aside parties, differences and whatever else divides us to unite to solve these serious issues plaguing our country?

This time it was a gun, but it could have easily been a car, bomb, knife, chemicals, etc... violence, mental illness, hate, evil, lack of respect for human life, kids growing up lacking ways to achieve better life, gangs, drugs, abuse, corruption and so on have to start being addressed. Our country is filled with violent crimes that take innocent lives everyday in the United States.

When does our country start addressing a failing mental health care system that often times is not covered or too expensive for those who need it. People are talking about gun laws, yet like drugs people will find ways to obtain guns. News is filled with stories of horrific abuse, crimes, violence, trafficking, drug overdoses...when does the country put aside their differences and unite to stop it?

Why can't people stop arguing and try to work together on solving the problems. Why do we keep electing politicians decade after decade who can't unite to address and resolve these issues?

Bigger question do you stop the violence? the drugs? the gangs? the mental breakdowns? the abusers?  the weapons? (and all the other issues)

For decades no president or politician has been able to effectively figure it out, nor solve it. And if our politicians and citizens remain so divided and filled with such hatred for each other it will never be resolved.

It's time to do better. To be better human beings. To love more. To hate less. To put aside differences and find effective solutions!  

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