Monday, October 23, 2017

Monday Musings

So enjoying this beautiful, warm summer like weather. Even if they are saying rain tomorrow.  I don't even mind the rain it's the wind we could do without as it will only knock the leaves off too soon.

The week was busy as usual.

The weekend was filled with family pumpkin picking, birthday celebrations on Saturday and cleaning the garage on Sunday for me.  Fun things always seem to go way too fast, especially when they involve spending it with people who mean the world to you. You just want to some how bottle those moments.

Today has been a whirlwind....taking care of nephew, trying to get three loads of laundry done before they start flushing out the fire hydrants in area which causes water to look odd, grocery shopping, cutting lawn, raking of pine needles, bike ride and who knows what else.  I'm too sore and tired to even think right now.

The man some how thinks fall signals no outdoor work, when in reality it may involve more work than summer.  Supposedly he says our lawn blower is too much for him to handle so has given up on blowing, which leaves a mess of sorts.  He's the one that sought out and wanted to buy a powerful one but now it turns out what we really need is a lightweight version.  Guessing he will eventually hire a lawn service as the man just isn't the outdoor type nor does he like a lot of work.

Haven't felt much like writing, guess all the doing has let me wanting to try to relax upon sitting down.  Who knows.

Quite frankly even right now I'd rather be baking, maybe a pound cake.  Yup sounds like a plan!

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