Monday, October 9, 2017

Monday Musings

Weather is tropical...high humidity with rain.  But hey I won't complain about rain as the lawn needs it and it means I don't have to water! ;)

Where to start the weekend was great.  Friday we grilled some burgers up and caught up on some shows we taped on dvr.  Followed by some live pd, watch that show and you will quickly realize just how many crazy, delinquent people exist. 

Saturday morning seemed to do a lot of laundry, and other household stuff.  But luckily the afternoon was followed by an arts and crafts festival in skippack, pa.  Where the man and I just walked around browsing some pretty cool stuff.  We had great time and weather was perfect, overall a good date!

Though evening we embarked on putting together his desk he bought for his home office.  The box arrived by special shipment as it was 177 lbs.  Needless to say the thing is solid, and came with a ton of pieces to put together.  Three hours into putting it together Saturday night the man decided he had enough for the day. 

So of course Sunday involved reconvening to put it together.  It took another 4 hours and decent amount of work but we did it, of course we had football on in the background. After putting mine together I didn't really want any part of putting together another one but some how got roped into it. ha  Sunday felt like an exhausting, long day as was going a bunch of stuff before even helping the man put the desk together. 

By night we were ready to just chill out.  It was all about BBQ slow cooker chicken. And watching some more shows on dvr with a little football mixed in.

Monday has been a whole other story.  The nephew arrived with a cold, me being the germ phobic I am felt rattled by that.  Especially after all the colds we sustained last year from the little guy.   In fact he had a cold this time last year too.  You think by now with all the technology there would be something to prevent colds or at least stop them from being so easily transmitted, but alas there is not. And so I will continue to fret. (fret is probably even putting it mildly)

The man stayed home from work because the weekend's work proved too much and he is super sore.  Pretty much you can guarantee the man will either go in late or not go in at all on a Monday if we've done a lot on the weekend. He always needs one day to just rest. He's a piece of work that's for sure! ha

I am feeling tired as haven't been getting good sleep. Think good sleep is something we all take for granted, and you only realize it when you aren't getting it.  The dizziness for some reason seems to be the biggest contributor to disrupting my sleep. You think sleeping would some how calm it but it seems to instigate it especially if I wake up in certain positions or in certain states of sleep. It really is nuts.

Lack of sleep can make you feel so cranky at times too, it's like stress in a sense it can make any little thing just annoy you. Little things that probably wouldn't annoy you in a normal situation.  Like today I read yet another political post bashing the president by a friend on facebook.  It took everything in me not to just let loose on her.  This one particular girls loves to blame Trump for everything and all I want to say to her is "sweetheart so many of the deeper issues of this country existed long before he did so sit down and shut up" But I maturely refrained myself, had a good laugh and thought to myself why bother stirring the pot.  It's not even worth it.

Honestly there are two parties to our political system, both are equally responsible for helping the country and it's people. If one party fails essentially both parties fail because the whole point is to be mature enough to work together for the better of people, to compromise and develop fair solutions.  Maybe it's time the people of our country got to vote on everything, not just for our politicians but on the real issues. Our country has become so divided we may as well just split into two countries at this point. Anyway....

That's enough of all that for now.  Need to chill out!

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