Monday, October 2, 2017

Monday Musings

Okay so the warm, summer like weather over the weekend gave way to Fall.  It was so cool this weekend I actually turned on the heat at night. But have no fear the weather is warming up again!

The week felt long for some reason, kept thinking I was a day or two ahead.  It was busy and on top of that still filled with watering the lawn.  The lawn needed the aeration and over seeding was just hoping the man would step up more and help with watering. But surprise the sportsboss was too busy with his sports. Sports is also what keeps the man up late then he's grumbling about how hard it is to get up in the morning.

Friday involved cleaning house, the nephew loves to help me with such stuff so did a little while he was here, and plenty more after he left.  We are talking whole house, including sheets cleaned by night.  Needless to say romance and take out were definitely needed by Friday night!  :)

Saturday the man took off for Long Island as his friend was having a 40th birthday celebration.  He actually rented a hotel instead of staying with his family.  Funny as he has on occasion gotten on my case about not wanting to visit his family home in Long Island but he himself doesn't even want to stay there.  It's sad how dysfunctional his family is. No one really communicates effectively or honestly with each other.  There's this disconnect with family for him, exactly why the man can't understand why I'm so close to my family.

Meanwhile, I spent Saturday morning working on all sorts of projects.  Then went over my family's house to clean closets out.  Yes I still had two closets full of stuff at their house.  Been putting off cleaning it out thoroughly for years, tried here and there but always had trouble getting rid of stuff.  We had bags of bedding, clothing and even shoes for donation.  Kept only one small bag of clothing and some shoes of course. Hey if the shoes are good why let them go to waste. ;)

Saturday night I went out to dinner with my mother, we had a great meal. Of course later I laid down to catch up on some dvr shows and dozed off.  But then woke up as I was too cold so had to put on the heat, and resumed watching the dvr shows.  Since the man was out, knew it would end up being a late night for him, which some how always turns into a late night call to me. That's something he would always do when first dating years ago.  But I didn't want my sleep messed up so put it on sleep mode.

Sunday started off with laundry, followed by an early morning bike ride, watering the lawn and then I finally just flopped on the sofa to chill out.  Chill out isn't something I do well as eventually seem to get bored.

Awoke today to the news once again filled with horrific, senseless violence which I will comment on more in another post.

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