Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Monday Musings

Maybe I should rename is Tuesday as that's when I seem to actually write.

Weather has been so summer like it's been unreal, hot and humid.  Of course this summer girl is enjoying it but hear the cool fall like weather will be making a return soon.  In the meantime, I will try to bask in this warmth!

The week was super busy. Although did have Thursday off but feel is went by quick as I seemed to be watering lawn all day, catching up on errands, hanging shelves and art.  Hanging the shelves took a little bit of power, sometimes have bigger ideas and plans than my 100 lb self can tackle by itself.

Honestly I do probably ten times the amount of work around here compared to the man but hey whose keeping count. ;)  In fact, he took off Friday and is home today too.  It's really nice to have a job with an open vacation policy.  We are talking no maximum days off they can take whatever they want.  It fits his personality perfectly. (though it's kind of funny as he actually complains about others taking off too many days) ha

Friday the niece came over with the nephew so it was a real busy day.  We were pretty much constantly on the go.  Checked out a bigger local park, this one we had to drive too but it was worth it as the kids loved it.  Had a much bigger jungle gym and this cool safety town where kids can ride bikes or big wheels.  It has buildings with lined streets to replicate the real thing. Honestly give me a big wheel and I could have spent some quality time riding around the mini streets.  Total kid at heart.

Saturday the man and I were all over.  Conshohocken for a funfest, stopped by a cool candy store filled with all types of old school candy and then a trip to Villanova to pick up some things at their bookstore.  Followed by a visit to the Campus Corner which has one of the best cheesesteaks in Philly and is quite popular with Villanova students.  Then the night was pretty much filled with watching college football and watering the lawn.  And of course eating the candy for dessert. Would have liked to had the man for dessert too but the guy was too tired, imagine that. ;)

Sunday I had enough of all this NFL bs, seriously our athletes and celebrities get paid to entertain not to preach politics and disrespect this country.  Find other ways to protest their causes but don't impose their views on others who are tuning into watch sports for fun and escape reality for a little.  So for first time ever I just boycotted watching.  Maybe that's what this country needs to turn off their tvs, phones, computers and do more!  That's the thing everyone complains, protests, whines about what's wrong in world but what do any of us actually do to bring about real change?

Do people in this country even realize how good they have it compared to other countries?  Hey the United States isn't perfect by any means, and there is still a lot of work to be done in certain areas but it's a better than a lot of the world deals with everyday.  Think many people in the United States take for granted what they have, and don't even realize how much others have sacrificed to obtain those things. Anyway....

Not watching felt good as I got a whole lot more accomplished and had fun. Went for a long bike ride, tried a new recipe for slow cooker, baked some carrot cake cupcakes, continued watering the lawn, caught up on a bunch of other household stuff and well you get the gist.

Did I mention I'm rather over watering at this point.  Aerating and overseeding are great for a lawn but gosh it's a lot of watering.  Though at least the grass is starting to sprout in some areas already, it's nice to the fruits after putting in the labor.

Well there is a lot still to do so that's about it for now.

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