Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday Musings

Weather has been warm which is nice for summer people like me. :)

The week was overall busy, between the nephew, Cooper and trying to still work on small things around the house it went fast.  Just placed an order for shelving for our dining area, hoping it works out and looks like I envision.  Our kitchen and living room are very open concept, though that seems to be the popular thing these days I find it harder to situate furniture and decorate such rooms.  The man and I both prefer more defined rooms.

It's amazing all the little things we do during a day, often times I don't even take the time to write about all the things on my schedules or to do list or what I'm working on daily. Kinda of just give a general synopsis half the time.  Funny how that works I will share some things but not others.

Today I'm feeling exhausted and sore.  While Saturday started off good with a nice long walk with Cooper, followed by some grocery shopping and a nice cinnamon breakfast it quickly involved more work than I was desiring.  Especially given I cleaned the entire house early evening Friday.

Since we are getting our lawn aerated it first had to be cut short and bagged.  Well the man waited two weeks, instead of doing it in small increments like I suggested. (because if you don't have a degree in it the man for some reason doesn't listen to anyones advice) ha  By waiting as he did bagging became a major chore, and there was so much grass the bag couldn't even handle it. Clumps of wet grass as he didn't even wait until it was dry to cut.  Which required me to help rake as the man was in over his head.

Since the weather was so hot and humid it made the task seem even harder. And what a mess it left the lawn and mower, the man has no clue that the mower has to be cleaned when clumps of grass are stuck to it like that...he just puts in back in shed.  He may have a MBA but kind of needs a degree in common sense at times

By Saturday afternoon we were both wiped and could barely move.  Needless to say there were naps and we pretty much didn't leave the sofa the rest of the day.  Not sure if the man even realized how much work he made for him and I by prolonging cutting like he did. Anyway....

Sunday was all about some laundry, followed by a day of relaxing while watching football.  Got my super soft blanket out, reclined the sofa and snuggled into it.  Watched some Eagles, took a power nap, made some mac and cheese with a new chicken dish and tried not to do too much physical stuff.

Monday was all about the nephew.  And after he left it was all about the lawn again, had to touch up spots the man had left chunky. Oh and weed whack with scissors as the man could not get the weed whacker to start, my dad stopped by as well and he gave it a try but nothing either.  So had to resort to using some big scissors.  Weed whackers always seem to come with issues, someone needs to a design a hassle free one.  Needless to say now I'm really feel wiped, even making dinner felt tedious tonight. Doing nothing sounds good about now but probably not going to happen.

American Ninja Warrior finals are tonight, though only one woman made it.  Which is kind of disappointing because as a woman I like to see other woman succeed in such physical challenges, even have my favorites who compete on the show. The obstacles seem to keep getting harder which sometimes isn't good as you want to see people finish the courses too.  It's a show worth checking out though, find watching it just makes you want to get in shape and try it. Though given most who compete seem to be in major shape, with some major muscle it would take a little bit of work!

Trying to find some new shows to watch this season as so many of the ones I've watched have seemed to retire.  Always looking for suggestions for good shows, please share if you know of any. :)

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