Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday Musings

Ah it seems the Fall weather is upon us, overall the temperatures have been cooler and even noticed some trees starting to change color.  Summer needs to be longer!

So I'm sitting in the guest bedroom, which has no tv I might add, writing this and it feels way past when I'm normally dozing. ha  Why you might ask because the man's football team is playing and game started at 1030pm.  Seriously why does the NFL and even NCAA Football have to start games so dang late?  Do they realize it interferes with sleep for many?

The conundrum is if I stay up and watch game I will be tired. Yet the man staying up to watch the game may interfere with my sleep anyway.  When he watches a game it's like being live at the stadium...he yells at tv, claps ridiculously loud and makes it impossible to watch anything else. So either way I feel like my sleep will be messed up, hence why I despise late games!  haha  And the man is notorious for staying up late to watch games that don't even involve his team, those are the ones that drive me most nuts. But that's what happens when you live with a over the top obsessed sports fan. And by the way obsessed is putting it lightly.

The nephew has been keeping me real busy, but a good fun busy.  As I've said before he sure enlightens my world, our world in ways we never knew possible.  He brings this happy little energy which just brightens up the world.

Saturday we went to a local Polish festival with my sister and her family.  It was a carnival of sorts with games, rides, crafts and even dancing.  It was a beautiful Fall day which made it perfect for such an event.  The rides were a tad disappointing compared to other carnivals we have been to as they didn't have a lot of adult rides or variety.  Afterwards the man and I watched some football. And I made this scrumptious homemade pancake dinner complete with home fries and all vegan bacon. Though we both fell asleep rather early.

Sunday I did more outdoor work, trying to prepare the lawn for aeration.  Something I don't think any of the former owners even did. We have a lawn that is going to take a little bit of work to get in shape. Aerating and over seeding seem like a good place to start.

We keep saying we are going to have family and friends over for a bbq or party but some new house project always seems to pop up that we want to tackle before unveiling the house to everyone.  The man needs a little push when it comes to such things as his procrastinating ways can really impede progress.  We painted his office a few months ago and he still has yet to furnish or set it up.  I'm telling you one big shot of testosterone a week might help give him the boost he needs.

Been watching all this hurricane coverage and just wondering why do they issue evacuations only to let reporters and media come into town and cover it live?  And what kind of human being loots places during such times? (oh wait they shouldn't be considered human beings if they do that right)  What is wrong with our society?  Media and thugs have one thing in common they are always looking to exploit situations.

As I listen to the crickets chirp tonight keep wondering will the world ever clean itself up?  As it just seems like things keep spiraling downward.  Our politicians are a joke, honestly they do nothing to actually help the average american.  They would rather focus on helping illegal immigrants then their own homeless citizens.  Crimes and drugs seems so rampant that not sure how they will ever fix those issues. And morals and virtues are things that have all but disappeared in our society.

Ugh why am I even going there. The more I think about such stuff the more it really bothers me.  Yet it's hard not to think about such stuff as the minute you sign online, turn on the tv or even radio one is bombarded by the reality of it all.

On that note before I go off on a much bigger tangent think I'll simply call it a night.

And yes for the American Ninja Warrior fans out there, I'm so disappointed that Jesse Graf didn't make it to the second part of finals.  She is my favorite chick on that show!

Photos will have to wait.

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