Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Monday Musings

Weather has heated up again enjoying this heat and humidity but unfortunately Fall is right around corner and temperatures will be falling again tomorrow, not to mention rain is in forecast as well.

Holiday weekends mess with the whole week so today feels like Monday. :)

So hard to believe summer is coming to a close, how is that possible?  Are schools really back in session?  Why does it seem like of all the seasons summer always seems to go way too fast?  

Last week I watched the nephew and niece for a few days, when I have them both it turns into a somewhat crazy day as the little guy doesn't like to nap when sister is with him.  And sister likes to keep busy so it's hard to come up with things to keep her busy.  But we managed to have fun for everyone. 

Spent much of the weekend trying to clean things up and organize the house.  Sometimes I just reach a point where I need to know everything is  sparkling clean, especially the floor as it drives me crazy to walk on crumbs and sticky stuff. :)

The man woke up very congested on Saturday morning and just didn't feel all that great all weekend. Wish he would take the vitamins I bought him. He thinks nothing of taking aleve, tylenol, over the counter cold stuff yet vitamins would do him even better.  Shutter to think that colds are already circulating.  Then again went to a doctors appointment last week that seemed to be filled with stuffed up, coughing people. Hello that's panic city for a germ phob like me! 

The man and I visited friends on Sunday they bought a new house months ago and we were excited to see it.  Monday we tried to search for some bargains and even art for our house but the stores were more crowded than we anticipated.  The long lines were a turn off so we didn't buy anything. 

The nephew is back for the school year. Time to not only play but help him learn a bunch of things too!  It's so cute to watch him interact with Cooper, they love to just follow each other around. Cooper especially loves when Dylan drops him treats.  

Meanwhile praying that Houston gets the help it needs, think that every millionaire celebrity, athlete, politician, etc.,should simply pick a few families and help them build new homes.  That way the money goes directly to the individuals that need it and doesn't have to go through all the red tape of organizations.  Many people from the Sandy hurricane in New Jersey still haven't gotten reimbursed or even have their places of residences back up yet. It shouldn't have to take that long but yet it always does.  We need our government and charities to find more efficient ways to run things.

Oh and wanted to talk about Big Brother the show the man loves and I watch because it makes him happy has gone off the deep end this season but I'll wait to talk about that in another post.  

For now I'm tired, got laundry to do and just want to relax with Cooper! 

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