Thursday, August 3, 2017

Step Renovation

From the moment I saw the steps knew they would need a complete overhaul.  Carpet on steps that come into a house just seem to accumulate dirt and stains no matter how much vacuuming. In this case the previous owners cat fur was all over them as well.

Once we pulled the carpet from main room and hall way it was a given the steps would have to come up as well.  It was a quite a job as carpet on steps is filled with nails, tacks and staples.  It was tough to get it up, but removing every nail, staple (many of which split while trying to remove) and tack took a while and lots of patience.  Some of the real tiny nails or remaining split staples I just hammered in.

Next step was sanding the steps as since they had some kind of stain on them this was necessary before trying to paint.  Sanding steps created a dusty mess.  Even using a power sander it took a lot of man power as well.  Given my small statue had to take a lot of breaks during this part of the renovation. Even then had to go back to remove nails or staples missed.  After it was all sanded it needed a good wipe down.  In fact the steps got wiped down a lot in the process.

After all the sanding there were gaps and holes in the wood steps that needed to be filled.  Went with a basic wood filler, once it dried those areas were sanded as well.  It was then ready to be painted and as I mentioned before they did have a stain on them so decided it would be best to cover them in a primer first.

Used a basic white, water based primer from Lowes. And because of the condition of the steps, the former stain and what not used two coats.  The primer drys rather quickly so was able to apply two coats in the same day.  To make sure the primer had optimal time to set I let it dry and sit for at least a week.

Since I was painting the steps two tone colors, started off painting the back, sides and molding around the steps in a semi gloss white.  Semi gloss is much easier to wipe clean and makes it ideal for such areas.  Again I let that set for probably about a week as well.

Then I taped around all the white areas with painting tape to try to keep the steps lines and prevent the grey paint from escaping onto the white.  The prep work took a little, it's not something I like to do but it's helpful.  Once everything was taped I applied a semi gloss grey floor paint to the actually step part of the steps. Was able to get a custom color in the floor paint at Lowes to match our rustic grey toned flooring in the main room. Like the primer I applied two coats in one day.

Eventually we plan to put small stair treads on the steps as well to make them more slip proof, but using specially designed floor paint helped with this also.

Like the banister, steps really aren't something I would want to have to get involved with renovating again but it was worth it.  It not only looks better and matches the flooring but is also much easier to clean.


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