Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Monday Musings

Is it still summer as you would never know here.  Fall like temperatures have descended upon the area leaving the air feeling rather chilly.

Things have been rather busy around here.  There have been a few days spent watching my nephew. The man and I spent last weekend looking for a new car as his 14 year old bmw reached the point of not being worth what it would cost to fix.  Trust me it needs some serious work....two new catalytic converters, four new tires, leaking sun roof needs fixing and radio won't shut off.  The list of things just continued growing leaving him with no choice but to look for a new car.

The man loves his bmw but a luxury car just doesn't seem to fit right now, so he tried to find a car he liked that was a little more affordable and made in America.  Not exactly an easy task these days.  He came up with the dodge charger.  In fact we spent all last Saturday trying to negotiate a deal.  Not feeling completely sure we walked away but he began more negotiations on phone eventually getting car to price point he needed.  We decided a lease would be a better option to make sure he likes the car.  So Wednesday he went to pick it up in New Jersey.

Thursday and Friday the man had off again, all these days off I wish we could have used to visit the beach.  Thursday we did some outdoor work, and things around here. Friday the nephew spent the day with us, so there was a lot of playing!  Friday night the parents came over to join us for dinner.  My sister and brother in law took my niece on a little mini vacation to the water park at camelback.

Saturday was our anniversary.  The man did good.  He gave me a beautiful card, some very thoughtful gifts and we spent the day window shopping in New Hope.  Followed I might add by a romantic dinner, the restaurant even put rose petals on the table and took a complimentary photo of us.  Overall could not have asked for a better anniversary, it truly was a great day.

Sunday we pretty much just chilled out, I took a bike ride, did some stuff around the house and made sure Cooper got some good play.

Monday had a doctors appointment where I waited 45 mins, which is what seems the norm these days.  Followed by some grocery shopping, bike ride and eventually gave in to sorting through all the paper work that seems to always pile up.  Weren't computers suppose to reduce paper waste?

Honestly not feeling like talking about my world though as there's just so much more I want to write about what's going on in the world but think I'll keep that for another day.  Really beginning to wonder if the world has gone mad though.  In some many ways just wonder what has happened to humanity.  Think on that note I'll just let the writing go for today.

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