Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Monday Musings

The weather is humid, rainy and preparing to heat up again.  Have to admit we have been rather spoiled by all the cooler weather as of late.

Wanted to actually write yesterday but some how just didn't have a moment.  As I'm writing this can't help but think how mundane this seems compared to an old friend from college who is hiking Chamonix, Mont Blanc in France right now and posting some amazing photos of the mountain. Wondering it might have to join his crew on of these days on one of their excursions. Though I'd have to get myself in super shape to be able to do the hikes they do.  But he is truly living life to the fullest and it's inspiring to follow.  There are moments where I really miss my traveling days!
Anyway back to reality....

The man's company was preparing to move into a new office so he was home all last week and two days this week.  Out of all those days home we probably spent one day actually out doing something fun.  Pretty much thurs-sunday he spent resting on the couch watching golf. Thought football season was rough, golf is getting just as bad.  Not sure which is his bigger obsession sports or watching tv. I love to play golf and wish he would be more willing to play more together.

It's funny because I actually like sports, and watching football but the man pushes it to a whole new level where it becomes too much.  Anything of too much can feel monotonous. Think what it comes down to is I'm going to have to find a partner in crime who shares some of my other interests if I want to do fun things in the Fall. ;)

Tuesday had to go pick up a sleep study as my doctor suggested it a few months ago.  The man complains about how I'm snoring loudly these days and making weird noises in my sleep. There are times I wake up from sleep gasping for air, honestly it is a scary feeling and often after that feel tired the next day so they suspect sleep apnea. But not so sure it will show up on a tests and it doesn't seem to happen every night. Yet the test only was for two nights, and only one night came out good. The second the machine malfunctioned. So it will be interesting to see what happens.

Wednesday I had planned to go to an amusement park with my sister and her kids. Surprising since he was off, he actually wanted to go! (that's a big deal folks)   The park itself sits in the mountains of Pennsylvania and took us about 2 hours or so to get to.  We left at 9 in the morning and didn't get home until after 10.  The weather turned out a lot sunnier and hotter than expected but it was a lot of fun.  Think at one point we all felt heat beat but after a little rest and some food we all seemed good to go.

The whole crew rode rides while my nephew and I watched, walked around the park and played. He's too young to fit on anything but the small kid rides that adults can hop on with the kids.  I've never been a huge amusement ride gal guess it's because I was born with way too much adrenaline to begin with and just don't need that rush.  Besides with the dizziness the movement of rides would really aggravate and flare it up.  So me and the dman had fun watching everyone and just being silly.

Actually my sister took him on of those kids rides where they get to sit in cars and parents can go on with them.  Of course as I'm trying to take a photo of them missed the bench I went to sit on and had a rather awkward, hilarious fall.  It felt like slow mo while I tried to grab onto something to steady myself. Meanwhile a nice woman and few others got up to come to my aid.  Of course I started laughing at the sheer craziness of it all.

Thursday had to return the sleep machine.  The man and I also stopped to browse cars as his is getting old and not worth putting money into anymore. Then spent the afternoon watching my nephew as my niece ended up having to go to the doctor as she was having strong pains. She actually didn't feel all that well at the amusement park at times but really wanted to go.  The doctors surmised it was some kind of virus in her muscles or something they just recommended some tylenol.  It's amazing how many times even the so called experts just don't know what is causing something.

Friday I can't even recall at the moment couldn't have been too exciting.ha  Saturday had a bunch of stuff to do around house while the man watched his golf again.  Sunday went shopping with my mother for a little.  There was an Irish festival  I wanted to go to but the man's back was too sore to leave the couch. Think the ride threw him over the top, had a feeling he would be sore afterwards. As some of the old wooden roller coasters aren't exactly smooth rides.

Monday had a list of things to do, and also had to follow up with the cardiologist.  He keeps people waiting so you have to allot a few hours for an appointment.  Few months ago sought a second opinion and wanted to run by their suggestions with my long time cardiologist. He basically disagreed with their advice as felt the medicine they wanted to switch me too would only contribute to feeling more of the skips with a possible increase in side effects as well.  It's so hard to know what to do, or what might possibly help more than something else.

Been trying to keep to a work out schedule.  Since I had my bike tuned up been trying to ride it at least three times a week.  It's interesting as since each activity uses different muscles riding the bike again takes some getting used to, especially going up hills. Ever since my rib got injured I haven't done yoga, and really miss it. Hoping to be able to get back to it soon.  While some people might write yoga off think it definitely makes a difference and helps to relax the body as well.

Also trying really hard to not watch the news or even go on twitter too much.  Just think the news has become so one sided and biased that it's so hard to listen to.  Journalism used to be a field that was respected for their honesty and unbiased reporting but throughout the decades it seemed to lose more and more of it's respectability.  Just don't feel that all sides are represented fairly or there is any unbiased reporting of news. So why let it stress me out, it's easier to just tune it all out and find something else to hold my attention.  Anyway, whole other topic for a different day.

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