Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday Musings

After some beautiful, cooler summer weather it's pouring rain today. That's okay as the occasional rainy day is sometimes needed. 

It was a very busy weekend, feeling sore and tired today.  Even sleep was completely restless last night.

The week was equally busy, and spent what seemed like a whole day just putting together a shelf for my office. Literally 45 screws had to be screwed in back of bookcase without any pre drilled holes, talk about time consuming. Luckily the man bought us a battery operate drilled as it came in handy for this project. My office is slowly coming together!

I've been storing my diploma at the my parents house for a long time waiting to hang it when we actually bought a house. And of course now the diploma is no where to be found. haha So looks like I need to order another one from the university.

Friday we chilled out, ordered take out, got some water ice and just watched Live PD. Seems to be the new show the man is hooked on and it's rather entertaining though scary too.

Saturday morning worked outside while the man cut the lawn. Afternoon was a girls day with my niece and family.  We did some shopping, were hoping to find her a back to school outfit but the accessories of the stores prove to be just too distracting.  She would rather look at those, including shoes, than clothes. In fact we actually all left Target without buying anything, who does that? ;)

We ordered some lunch and ate outside on our patio so my nephew could be free to run around and play. It's hard for a 15 month old to sit still long enough to eat in a restaurant.  He's been pretty good about it but had his recent vaccination the day before so wasn't quite himself.  But it was beautiful out so it was actually more fun to sit outside eat, talk and even play a little too.  Of course Auntie had to join in on playing tag. Might just be a big kid at heart as still enjoy playing. :)

Sunday the man and I painted his office room.  It's been sitting for over a year with just his stuff all boxed up.  It took us just about all day between prepping the room, taping and painting two coats. Plus the clean up takes a little too.  Of course did plenty of laundry as well.  I felt exhausted and sore by evening.  Could not wait to just relax. So we ordered pizza and chilled the rest of the evening.

Big Brother was on but I'm just not into this season.  The behavior of the people on the show just seems so immature, can't stand to see adults bullying others or acting so childish. Surprised that these reality shows cast such people, maybe they want the dramatic, immature types to some how boost ratings but it's a turn off.  Wish more people would just boycott such tv shows so that networks might produce more quality shows. Anyway....

The man's office is moving but his new office isn't ready yet so they are all working from home this week. He likes his old office and the location, so isn't excited about the new location as it doubles if not triples his commute time.  He left a previous job because of too long of a commute so it will be interesting to see what happens. His company has work at home options so hoping he takes advantages of those. 

Spent half of my day on the phone trying to schedule appointments. Found this odd growth on my back, when the man saw it even he thought I better get it checked out.  Two dermatologists on my insurance I called but they had left their practices, another wasn't available until November, finally eventually found one that's available to see in a few weeks. Still a few weeks seems too long. Crazy how hard it is to find availability with specialists let alone something close in distance.  

Well don't feel much like writing as just want to soak in a hot shower and relax.

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