Saturday, August 26, 2017


It's funny how things change as years ago anniversaries meant little to me. Now I realize the significance of them, and wonder why I didn't understand sooner.  Certain anniversaries have now come to hold such a special and unique place in my heart.

Even when it came to wedding anniversaries never gave them much thought, though probably not many unmarried people do. Yet in a society where our divorce rate is over 50% the importance of celebrating and honoring them makes sense now. Every year that a couple stays together in this day and age seems almost like a miracle of sorts.

The man isn't always one for holidays, or making a big deal of them. But he seemed to take our anniversary seriously. The thought he put into it really made the day even more special. Honestly was happily surprised as he created such a perfect day.

He bought me the most meaningful gifts, followed by a nice day walking around in quaint New Hope, followed by a romantic dinner in a very nice restaurant. (where I might add we got a quiet table on the balcony with rose petals on the table and because it was a special occasion the place even took a complimentary photo)   Never imagined him planning such an anniversary, yet he did and that speaks volumes.

Actions really do speak louder than words. Though in this case the words of his card were just as beautiful.

Though it's our first married anniversary we have been together awhile, maybe even longer than many married couples. And here's my thoughts....

After over a decade together, despite being almost complete opposites, some very tough challenges along the way and a rather road less traveled we are. Love some how finds a way.....

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