Thursday, July 27, 2017

Perfect Moments

There are moments in life that you just want to capture, freeze or at the very least have more of.   For me one of those was yesterday.

Why you ask?

Well I was able to pull the man off the couch, away from the tv and  constantly checking social media to go for a hike at a local historic park.  The transformation is always amazing.

He became this fun, happy, energized guy the opposite of the quiet, don't bother me, tv zoning guy. The man doesn't always understand my desire to want to do fun things, to get out and about, to have adventures and explore the world together...yet what I described above is exactly why I desire such moments.

Once he gets doing anything he is like a whole other man, even he admits it.  And when you get him out somewhere he always says why don't we do this more often or comes up with other cool ideas of things to do. (if only he could keep up the same enthusiasm he feels in such fun moments to follow through with those same ideas)

Truth is getting out, especially in nature it changes all of us.  It's food for our body and souls.  There are have been a bunch of studies to show that doing stuff, physical activity and even just being outdoors brightens moods, lessens depression and anxiety, reduces stress, increases endorphin's and so on.  Not to mention I strongly believe that couples who play together stay together.

Think if you sit on the couch always watching tv day, night and weekends, or always staring at the phone you are living vicariously through others instead of truly living life. Zoning to tv constantly is like being high on drugs you waste time being zoned out to the magic of life around you. Same goes for working all the time, though many don't have a choice when it comes to that. Yet those things hinder us from truly living and connecting. But back to our day....

We started out with a nice picnic lunch, followed by a walk around a nature preserve, followed by a rather treacherous hike up a mountain to reach a tower that sits at the top.  We took lots of photos and enjoyed the time in nature.  And the fun spurred an even funner evening....we took a nice shower, worked in the kitchen together as the man cooked us a homemade cheesesteak dinner, an evening walk in the park with Cooper, water ice for desert, the man was affectionate, talkative and full of life. Perfect moments that created dare I say a perfect day.  :)

Reminds me of perfect moments we had last year at a wedding in Cape May, NJ. That weekend felt so amazing too. Gosh how I savor such moments with him.  Maybe he will never understand how happy such moments make me or how deeply they resonant, oh but they do.

It's amazing the moments we can create when we step away from our tvs, computers, phones and other distractions. When we are fully present with those we care about or love and embark on adventures together.  Now if only I could convince the man that such moments are way better than any sport or show on tv!

How are such meaningful moments created well I think it's a combination of small things such as... being present, appreciating the little things, doing not sitting, focusing on what and who really matters in life, expressing gratitude and love, freely showing affection, exploring new places, trying new things and being open to adventure are a few good ways to start.

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