Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday Musings

Some beautiful summer weather lately, some cool days followed by some hot days.  Summer always seems to go too fast.

The week was interesting. The man had taken off Wednesday through Friday as we originally were suppose to go to North Carolina to visit his aunt who was having a family reunion of sorts.  We thought originally Cooper could stay at her house but then found out he couldn't. So the man procrastinated and never bothered to make other arrangements to find a hotel.

My family is working too many hours and very busy right now to take on watching Cooper during a work week.  So he ended up still taking the days off, his official words were "we can do some fun things". But I know the man too well what he says and what he actually does can be very far apart at times. He doesn't balance work with play all that well.

Wednesday was an awesome day, one of those types you would like to freeze.  We went to a local historic park which has a nature reserve and amazing tower that you can see the whole area from.  Did some exploring and hiking, even had a picnic lunch.  The evening was filled with fun too. It's good to get out in nature.

Had hoped that we might actually do fun things on his mini vacation. (he took off the previous week two days but to watch golf)  Thursday rolled around though and could tell the man was already going into tv mode. Of course some senior golf was just starting which he had to watch. Fitting that it was a senior tournament as at 40 the man is turning into a senior!  Finally convinced him to at least run two errands with me to look at stuff we need to finish some house stuff.

Friday was much of the same. Had to meet up with my dad as took in my mountain bike to get tuned up and needed his suv to pick it up.  Still trying to figure out what kind of bike rack to get for my car. Want something sturdy but don't want to pay hundreds for it.  Yet the ones made to fit over spoilers seem to be higher priced.  The bike guys tuned it up, filled tires with air and put new brakes on. Test rode it and it seemed good to go though the one brake seems to squeak a little still.

Anyway back to the man, keep telling him that he is 40 going on 80. He wasn't always like that but the older he gets the worst it's becoming.  Think he needs a good multi vitamin and shot of enthusiasm.  I offer to play golf just about every weekend but he's always too tired or sore. That's the thing though the more one sits around the more sore and tired they can make them self. ;)

Actually we were set to go out to dinner until I stepped out in backyard and found these swarms of flying bugs all over lawn. Given rain was in forecast for that night thought we should treat lawn, so there I am trying to cut lawn ultra low so I could apply the bug stuff. The man went to buy the treatment. By the time it was all completed though it was already after 7 so we just showered and ordered take out.

Saturday had to get out of the house as I felt bored. So went shopping with my mother. Come evening actually got the man to go to my nieces basketball.  Since the game was a little far my mother hopped a ride with us as well. It's a summer league which plays outdoors, not only is it fun to watch her play but to spend time with family too. Basketball is one of my favorite sports to watch and play.

The weather was perfect for the game, a cool summer night.  Saw the most beautiful sunset on the way home too. Love the games that are out in the country with farms and open fields around. Wish our country could preserve more land.

Since they won the game they got to play in the championship game the next day.  So Sunday we were all back at the field for some more basketball.  My niece not only played great but so did her team and they won the championship game!  After the game I had some gardening and other things to do outside including playing with Cooper. Got the man to leave the couch to grill so we dined al fresco on the patio.

Today I've been busy cleaning.  Poor Mr Cooper's stomach is flaring up bad.  He has inflammatory bowel disease which requires a strict diet.  Well since he was doing so well we added some food and treats, which unfortunately have not agreed with him.  Unusually we have more signs leading up to an attack but this one came on rather quick.  He woke me up in the wee hours of the morning to go out and it was a blow out to point I needed to water down lawn. Honestly it's a mess, lesson learned we just cannot give him certain types of food.  Hopefully it calms down soon.

Anyway, I'm feeling tired and just rambling at this point.

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