Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Monday Musings

The steamy heat wave seems to be winding down, storms this evening are officially suppose to bring in cooler temperatures.  Though I got impatient, turned off the ac and realized the humidity was still rather high.  Might have to turn it back on to sleep. ;)

So the man went back to work after his four day golf vacation. And when I say golf vacation I'm talking four straight days of watching golf on tv.  Pretty sure that over the decade plus I've know him he's taken more days to watch tv/rest than go on a real vacation/do something fun.  Everyone always seems surprised but hey each to their own. Everyone has to do what makes them happy!  (I once dated a guy who all he ever wanted to do was watch movies every night so think it's also important that people try to variety things up as well)

I'm always amazed at some of the friends on my social media, some of them always seem to be doing something whether it's weekday or weekend.  Don't they ever get exhausted from always being on the go?  And second how do they hold jobs yet take so many vacations, better yet how do they pay for all these vacations?  Also wonder how some seem to drink as much as they do? (it feels like so many people can't have fun unless they have a drink in their hand)

There are a few couples on my facebook page who literally I feel tired even trying to keep up with their adventures.  Not that it doesn't look fun, sometimes even have envy for all the adventures and trips they take at this age yet do think it's hard to stay that motivated to constantly be out doing and also even find that many fun things to do. Not to mention the cost of everything.  Plus we wouldn't want to leave our doggie home alone that much, it's hard enough being away a few days or finding someone we trust to watch him. (that is the hardest part of traveling now compared to when we were in our twenties)  Anyway.....

Given the man was in golf watching mode the weekend wasn't crazy busy.  Friday we decided to order out through eat24 online, literally the food took a hour and half to get here. When you are hungry patience is hard to muster. Guess we should have got off our lazy butts and picked it up instead. But hey isn't that why offer delivery and charge extra for it. ;) 

Saturday I was busy working on stuff around the house. Convinced the man to run an errand to Walmart with me as we needed a cheap trash can for outdoor stuff but of course it was out of stock, even though their online site it said they had plenty at the store. Word of advice never trust those online stock numbers, check with the store first.  Walmart is good though in that their lower prices on many items cannot be beat.

I refuse to pay a lot for a trash can that's just going to get beat up being used for outside stuff.  Those brown refuse bags always seem to collapse under the weight of all the grass, weeds and branches we put in them. Had to laugh as think I went through four as they kept breaking before I could get them to the curb. It looked like something out of candid camera.  And one even broke on the garbage men as well.  So time to change it up and use something more sustainable and cost effective.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to decide whether to get a new bike or fix mine. Well after talking to a local bike shop made the decision to fix my 20 year old trek. Actually bought the bike when I lived in San Diego and it's pretty much moved around the country with me. Had to borrow my mothers suv to get it over to the shop. The bike guys said they felt it just needed a tune up and new brakes. And it still would cost less then a new bike.  When I told them my choices they laughed, saying they felt a 20 year old Trek was still better than a Schwinn at Walmart.

When I got back from doing all the bike stuff we decided to head out for dinner. Tried a new place which we thought was a nice steak house but it turned out to be more of a family style restaurant. Not that it's bad but we were expecting say more of a romantic ambiance. Thought it was a nice atmosphere and the food was okay.  Still trying to figure out why I went with a sandwich instead of an entree as the man's dish looked good. The skies opened up while we were dining, and the night turned rather stormy fast.  There were drenching rains on and off the rest of the evening. 

Sunday the man was back to watching golf. I had a nice mid morning nap, woke up with a headache and just feeling blah so the nap was much needed. It gave me the energy to tackle the garage. Cleaned it a few times now and have made real progress. Sold some items, got rid of others and organized the rest into plastic storage boxes. It's looking much better! Might even be able to make it into a home gym eventually.

 After golf was over the man suddenly was energized...hitting golf balls, cleaning our cars, did some errands, cutting lawn, pulling weeds and think he did too much at once because by night he wasn't feeling all that well.  He doesn't always eat well so think it has tendency to catch up with him too.  I'm trying to get him to eat more frequent, healthy meals a day instead of the skipping meals or sweets he tends to reach for. Since summer is here we are back to watching Big Brother as well. Not sure how anyone agrees to go on that show for fun, being stuck in a house with strangers with no access to the outside world for three months just seems like torture. ha  At least on Survivor it's only a month and they usually are on some cool island.

Today is all about catching up on a long list of things I need to get done, so enough musings for now!

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