Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday Musings

The weather is back to be steamy, kind of like my dreams lately.

Seriously what is the deal with dreams?  For instance last night my dream was filled with lots of flirting and love. Always seem to be falling in love in my dreams. Occasionally they may involve someone I know but for the most part it's strangers. Could it be I need more affection in my daily life? (maybe the man needs to step his game up) ha  It's odd how some dreams can feel so real. And that's exactly how today started!

The week was rather busy.  We did manage to get someone out to fix the ac even though it was quite the process. By Tuesday afternoon it was fixed, and boy did it feel good.  Think people take for granted having ac but when it's 95 and your sweating your ass off you quickly realize how luxurious central air is. The guy who fixed the ac actually grew up in Siberia. It's amazing the people you meet, and the stories they have to share.

Also went a little nuts on cleaning house but it felt and smelled so good. A clean floor really does feel so different on bare feet then a dirty one.  And dusting makes such a big difference as well, it's scary how much dust accumulates around a house.

The weekend was a little busy, wanted to go golfing but the man wasn't interested.  I could probably go golfing every weekend in the summer, especially chip n putt.  Might even like it more than the man.  While he loves to watch golf on tv I would much prefer to play it. Why sit and watch when you could be out playing? Though the cost is somewhat of a deterrence at times.

Friday was the best day as got to watch the nephew.  My sister and niece had a girls day so they dropped him off on their way.  We had lots of fun playing, walking and even got some snuggles. Come evening we got some takeout and watched Live PD.  After a week of work the man usually just wants to chill out.

Saturday I did some food shopping. Then the man and I went to this animal rescue festival at a local pet store near my sisters house.  He saw a puppy listed at a rescue which he really wanted to see in person.  Of course we arrive only to find out the rescue he was interested in wasn't going to be there until Sunday, he got the wrong day.  The rescue that was there had some cute Lab puppies who were really cute and hard to resist but little too big for what we are looking for.  Think he was bummed. We stopped on way home to pick up some grass seed and a new bird feeder. As a squirrel decided to eat the top off our plastic bird feeder.  (it's amazing what some animals can eat through)

We came home had some lunch and embarked on some lawn work.  He cut lawn while I pulled crab grass and replaced the bare parts of lawn with seed.  The lawn hasn't really ever been cared for by previous owners so it needs some work.  There is a mix of all types of grasses, combined with a lot of various weeds as well.  It's going to take a little while to get it back in shape and looking lush.  After all the work we just hung out on the patio for awhile chatting and relaxing.

 Some how I also found time to make a banana cream pie.  It's a first and it came out pretty good.  Of course being the party people we are think we dozed off after dessert. ha  Funny as I see some of my married friends constantly bar hopping or at parties every weekend and sometimes wonder how they do it.  Not that I don't think it might be fun occasionally but couldn't drink like they do. Just wonder how they manage to work and keep such busy social schedules as well.  The man is done after a week of working he just doesn't want to do much. Anyway....

Sunday the man chilled out watching golf while I did some work.  We grilled out again. We bought a small charcoal grill when our gas was giving us issues. And what we found is charcoal actually grills food better.  There is way less charring of food without the intense flame of the gas grill. Burgers and chicken that we grilled both stayed more moist and shrunk way less cooking over charcoal.

Downside to charcoal is you have to clean and change out the charcoal each time you grill which costs more than a gas tank.  A tank for the gas grill can last all season. Overall there is less cleaning with gas grills too as you don't have to empty charcoal every time you grill, you simple wipe the grill grate.  But the good way it cooks up food and overall taste may be worth the extra effort.

Today I removed more crabgrass from the front lawn and replaced it with grass seed.  It was definitely more work than I anticipated think the hot, humid weather made it feel worse. Pretty much felt exhausted the rest of the day. In fact sat down to make some calls and  even dozed off. Have a list of things I need to get to.

We are back to watching Big Brother as well.  The man loves that show while I like it don't understand the man's obsession with wanting to be on the show. He even auditioned for it once and wants to again. Who would want to be on a show where you can't have any contact with the outside world for three months? Who would want to go that long without talking to loved ones?  Besides he can't even go a few minutes without looking at this phone or watching tv and he thinks he is going to be able to go three months. ha

On that note realized I've been on this computer way too long, that is not good for the brain or dizziness.  Better go make some dinner anyway!

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