Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Monday Musings

After a weekend filled with rather perfect summer weather a heat wave is on it's way.

Normally it would not bother me as I like the heat but our a/c has malfunctioned instead of cold air coming out the vents it's warm.  Oddly enough last week during the middle of the night the power went down three times.  At the time thought for sure it had something to do with the ac but then it seemed to work okay until we tried to run it this weekend. Looks like the motors fan aren't moving in the outside unit.

Put in a claim to the home warranty on saturday, they issued us a repair company only when I followed up with the company today they said they cancelled the claim due to being too busy.  Go figure. So had to recontact the home warranty company who was impossible to get on the phone so had to resort to their online chat.  And they had trouble finding a company, finally got one but they can't come out until late tomorrow.  Not good with a heat wave on the way!

Honestly think when it comes to home warranties that the companies contracted by them don't seem all too excited to handle the calls when they come in.  It's as if they know they won't make as much? For instance it took over two weeks for our garage disposal to be fixed when it should have took half a day at most. Moving on....

The weekend was rather mellow. Though I didn't feel all that great so it felt good to stay in, think it had a lot to do with hormones and mine seem to be all over the places sometimes. Friday we ordered take out and watched Live PD. ha  If you haven't checked out the show you should. Really gives an interesting perspective of what cops have to deal with everyday.  After watching the show it makes you realize just how many crazy people there are in our world.  Think everyone they pull over seems to have a warrant or drugs in their car.

Saturday we did some lawn work, spent some time relaxing on the patio and making a new dish for dinner which was delicious.  Even though it wasn't a scorcher Saturday I ended up not feeling well because of heat.  Some how during cooking in the kitchen became very overheated and felt awful. Since the ac wasn't working it's not like we could turn it on to cool off.  So I rubbed my body down with ice and got a water ice too!

Sunday was just a total lounge day though by evening think we both felt bored.  We were going to go to a local college basketball game tournament but the man thought the game started too late for his tastes.  It's good to relax but eventually it can lead to feeling bored unless of course one is relaxing at the beach. ;)

Today have a list of people to call.  It amazes me sometimes how much effort it takes to get others to do things whether it be doctors offices, insurance companies, repair companies, you name it....it just doesn't seem like people want to work or have efficient systems for getting things done. After buying our house we had to order quite a few things and it was amazing just how many things would arrive damaged too. Quality control seems like at an all time low. ha

We have my niece's outdoor basketball game as well, love the fact that they play outside in the summer.  She seems to be enjoying it more which makes me happy. It's always been one of my favorite sports to play and watch.  The game is north of us so it will be nice to take a drive in the countryside as well. Wish they would keep more of the farm land and stop building all the homes.  Open land, farm fields are so nice and important to the environment. We don't need more big homes or town homes when there are plenty of older homes for sale.

There is actually a lot of activity in our area as those four missing boys that are making national news is only a few neighbors north of here.  Not sure what happened but it sure seems like a crazy world we live in anymore!

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