Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Monday Musings

The weather is hot, sometimes humid but after what felt like a grey, cold long winter anything above 80 feels great.  It's so nice to sit on the patio surrounded by flowers, nature and Cooper snuggled up against me.

Overall the week was rather busy as I tackled finishing the steps.  Two coats of white, then grey it felt felt tedious at times, just wanted to complete them so was starting to feel impatient while painting.  I'm going to start sharing the home renovation photos this week. My dad says I should start my own home renovations business not sure about that but I do enjoy doing such work.  It kind of puts the mind in a meditative state.

I'm definitely missing my nephew, we had so much fun spending our days together that now it seems too quiet and rather lonely without him.  So I'm trying to keep as busy as possible.  We need a family day soon!

On Friday the man sends me a text saying it's going to be a fun four day weekend though usually when he says something like that the opposite happens, and he ends up zoning to tv. At times he's not exactly great with what he says and actually does. lol

Friday night we went out to a nice dinner, even dined al fresco something the man isn't fond of but if we ate outside we could get seated right away as opposed to waiting 40 minutes.  The atmosphere was perfect, there was even a nice breeze.  The food on the other hand not all that impressive for the money spent.  Though they did make a delicious shirley temple.

Going out to eat costs a lot these days so you expect good food and service, but often times we find home cooking to be better. Only downsize to home cooking is the clean up. Plus it's nice to get out on the town we just wish we could find more restaurants we actually love.

Of course the man wanted to rest upon arriving home, while I'm like lets be romantic. That's just how I think, but instead took the dog for a walked. He is my little love bug, takes after mommy as he loves to give kisses!

Saturday he seemed to be in one of this brooding moods where he just wants to zone to tv, my least favorite. I get bored after a hour of tv and sitting around. So I did some gardening, actually a lot of gardening and a little indoor stuff as well.

Sunday the new bed arrived, it's amazing how quickly furniture stores can put together such items.  It probably would have take us hours.  Moving mattresses is a project in itself, king beds might be nice but they can be difficult to move. Also spent the day washing all the bedding, giving Cooper a bath and then we had to grocery shop. Sometimes it amazes me how expensive food has become and how quickly we seem to go through it.

Bought some nice steaks and prepared some yummy potato recipe for the grill...only when it came time to cook the gas grill wouldn't fire up.  After some fiddling around with it we could still not get it to light. So a quick run to Walmart and a $20 charcoal grill solved the problem.  Though dinner was about two hours after originally planned, and the potatoes had to be cooked indoors. As the grill had to be put together, plus charcoal takes much longer to heat up than gas.  But at least we got to enjoy eating outside, and the grill did a nice job!

Monday did some meal prep in the morning making a few things, followed by golf in the afternoon with the man.  The humidity had gone down it was still bright and sunny, so it was a little hot on the course. Gatorade was much needed. I played well, only took one mulligan as opposed to the man who took two.  Golf is one sport I really enjoy, love being outdoors and find it relaxing.  Honestly don't care about the score though I do get excited when to birdie a hole. Overall it's more about the relaxing nature of the sport. If only courses weren't so crowded and people didn't have to rush through holes sometimes. It seems like our world is always in a rush, no wonder people feel stressed out.

Followed the fun afternoon with a nice dinner and some Ninja Warrior on tv later.  Really enjoy watching that show as it's so inspiring to see people be able to compete in such physical challenges. Would love to be able to try a Ninja course but not sure I could even train that hard to get the strength needed and quite frankly would be scared to try some of the actual obstacles.  They are no joke!

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