Thursday, July 13, 2017

Living Room Renovation

Upon moving in we realized the previous owners cats had taken their liberties all over the carpet upstairs and downstairs.  The smell was pungent and overwhelming, how we didn't smell that when looking at the house still amazes us.  There was little choice but to pull the carpet.  We already knew we wanted to change the paint colors on the wall too.

First I wiped the walls down, patched up holes and painted the living room, kitchen and hallway first. Changing the colors to a more serene cottage scheme.  The living room and kitchen walls were painted sea salt and the hallway irish cream. Painting open space rooms can be challenging. Usually I prefer a satin find them easy to clean if need be but our painter friend suggested a flat to better hide imperfections of the wall.  Thought maybe Sherwin Williams flat paint might be of better quality but it's very hard to remove the dirt and stains that sometimes get on the walls.  Think it seems to actually attract more dirt, I basically have to touch them up with more paint. So would not go with a flat again.  

Next I started removing the carpet and padding which was rather hard work.   Cutting strips of carpet and padding then rolling them up and dragging them outside was no joke.  The carpet knives are sharp and even ended up having to go to urgent care after slicing through a finger with one.  Next involved removing the carpet strips which are tacked or nailed down.  That requires going under the tack strips with a special small crow bar type of tool, tipping the edge of it with a hammer and then pulling the wood strip up.  Our padding was also stapled down in some areas so it meant trying to remove all those as well.  Those two things took the most patience and time. 

Next I swept, vacuumed and cleaned the wood floors thoroughly.  Since the wood floors weren't in as good of shape as we hoped we realized we would need to put down new flooring.  So I coated the wood flooring with a special enzymatic cleaner which is suppose to remove animal odors such a urine. 

Choices for flooring were refinish the wood floor, laminate, wood looking tile or luxury vinyl something we didn't even know existed. The man and I both love the new hardwood looking tiles but after much research we realized it might not be ideal for what we needed.  Tile can be slippery when wet, it has a cold feel and if things drop they will most likely break. The man doesn't like hardwood floors so refinishing them was out. Laminate was okay but worried about it standing up to a dog and getting wet.  The flooring company suggested luxury vinyl planking something we had never heard of.   It looks just like wood or laminate flooring but has the advantage of being water proof, slip proof, doesn't get cold like tile and is softer to walk on.

So we got a deal on flooring as it was not only on sale but we got a discount on the install.  After some research we chose a brand called Coretec, which also comes in the rustic look we prefer. Since we decided on a brown for the family room we went with something completely different upstairs. As you will notice the floor is grey with blue tones.  I loved the downstairs wood floor and would have put that upstairs too but the man really loved this grey look so we compromised. The floor has very tranquil feel to it. 

The toughest part was finding a sofa to compliment the floors and walls.  We didn't exactly agree on what we were finding in some of the furniture stores.  It was hard to find something with the look I had in mind, that was comfortable and affordable.  Finally we found this couch, it was actually in mint green  when we first saw it.  But they had a sample chair in grey, the sectional was actually on sale as it was considered their summer line.  

We already had the armoire which we used for storage in our previous home, thought it would make a good tv holder for the living room that way we could close the doors when not in use.  The white shelf was a great find at Target, it fits our coastal look and gives great storage options.  The end tables I ordered from amazon for a phenomenal price. Target is also where I bought the rustic wood lamps which go nicely with the wood finish of the armoire, the white curtains and rod. The curtains are a nice thick material which actually does a good job keeping light out when needed. The rods I'm less than thrilled with as they don't stay in place and they scratch very easily, in hindsight would have gone with a darker rustic brown or black. 

We plan on adding a few pieces as well, an area rug and some pillows to the sectional.   In another post I will go into detail about the banister renovation which can be seen in the photos as well.



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