Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Monday Musings

The weather has cooled off to create perfect summer weather, even if it's just for a few days.  It's a nice change from all the hot and humidity, not to mention storms.

Things have been busy hence why I'm just getting around to writing today.

Thursday I got to hang out and watch my nephew all day.  We had a lot of fun. Walks, playing outside, laughing and snuggling.

Saturday we had a family picnic at my sisters. Her brother in law, who we consider family as well, is being deployed to Afghanistan for the 5th time. He's been in the military for over 17 years, and didn't think he had anymore deployments ahead of him so this came as a surprise.  Not exactly a good time to be going over there either with all the battles going on. Think everyone feels concerned.

The picnic was fun. Any time spent with family, the niece and nephew is always good.

Sunday the man worked on the lawn, I did a little weeding.  It's surprising how much grows between paver patios. While they look good they also require a decent amount of upkeep as well.  Later we went to the mall to get my rings inspected and cleaned. Picked up some new scents. Got some lunch and spent the rest of day relaxing. Well kinda as later in the evening the man decided to trim some of our trees in back as I played with Cooper.

Monday I was back at painting the steps.  Patched a few holes and sanded. Applied two coats of white semi gloss to the back and sides of steps, also to the molding around steps and hallway. The step part is going to be painted grey so have to wait a little for white to set.  Given I felt tired and rather sore it was tough.  The two tone painting involved with the steps is more tedious than some of the other painting I've done in the house. And it requires more prep work and taping.

Haven't got good sleep lately and it's catching up.  It's crazy how when you get older sleeping through the night becomes much harder.  My rib is still sore and hurts when doing physical stuff. They aren't kidding when they say torn rib muscles take a while to heal.

Wanted to tackle my office today so started early this morning. Of course that turned into some how cleaning the whole house including laundry room and bathrooms. What was I thinking.  It's hard once you get on a roll, and get all dirty there's that thought of why not just do it all. Which sounds good until your body rebels into an exhausted, sore state and you find yourself laying on the floor wanting to take a nap. Actually took a break to put the heating pad on tight muscles.

And might have to finish up writing later as now dinner is buzzing!

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