Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Musings

The weather is hot and humid with supposedly severe storms later.  In fact the local weather channel just has listed damaging storms for the Philly area.  Doesn't exactly sound fun, not fond of such storms. 

This is the first Monday in awhile without the nephew here. Cooper kept looking out the window expecting his buddy to arrive, think he was a little disappointed.  And day hasn't been nearly as fun or exciting without the little nephew. 

So instead of sitting around dwelling I tried to get right to my next project...tackling the steps. As you recall we took the carpet, as well as all the nails and tacks up in the Fall. Then I sanded each step which turned into a real project. Just kind of been waiting on a good time to paint them. Was also trying to decide on a color.  Went with a darker grey for the step part, which matches the grey rustic floor we installed, the back and sides of step will be white.

Even though the steps were covered by carpet at one time they had a stain on them.  So after sanding they require a primer which is what I applied today.  In fact to be safe decided to do two coats of primer.  In my opinion it's good to let it set for a few days so they won't get their finished top coats right away.  Considering all the outside mulching and work we did this weekend it felt like maybe I took on too much so couldn't wait to be done. ha

Afterwards I actually got to see the nephew for a little as my sister had to stop by to pick up their wheel barrow, we don't have a vehicle big enough to get it back to them.  So I got to see his little smiling self for a moment or two which is always nice.

Last week not only did I get to watch my nephew but my niece joined us for the day on Thursday. And the man was off that day as well.  We had some fun, even went to the park for a little. Everyone should visit the park it reminds you of the miracle of nature.  We saw baby toads and bunnies, wild flowers and appreciated the warm weather as we walked. It's good to get outside and be surrounded by nature. 

Friday the man and I finished mulching, think we were both exhausted after that.  It was good though as Saturday turned into a wash out with heavy rain on and off all day. Plus it was very humid.

Saturday we moved our mattress and box springs out in anticipation of our new bed frame arriving only to find out when it arrived it was damaged, Yup all that work for nothing.  Called Wayfair who said to just donate it, so now we are stuck trying to move and get rid of a large headboard. We thought it was a whole bed frame not just a headboard so that was disappointing as well.  Wayfair can be rather misleading in their photos.  In the meantime we ordered a similar bed from a local furniture store which really is a better price for what you get, hoping it arrives ok but you never know anymore. 

Since the bedroom was already torn apart I decided to use that opportunity to clean the bedroom and redo my closet.  The only downside to this new house is the closets as they are older, and we could really use two walk in closets but hey not going to complain.  Trying my best to downsize my clothes anyway.  It's crazy how many clothes I have collected that barely get worn.  I'm great for buying something simply because I like the color, plaid or floral print but not so much the fit. 

Sunday we ran an errand or two. Tried to relax a little, the man it a few golf balls. And watched the US Open which is why he took of Thursday and Friday in the first place.  He seriously can sit for hours watching sports. I of course like it too but eventually if it's not my team playing I get bored. There is only so much golf I can watch before wanting to go play!  

Today think it's all catching up to me as I'm feeling tired just trying to write this.  Interesting how I can feel tired yet still only be able to sleep four hours. I'm jealous of those types who can sleep a straight seven hours of refreshing sleep without tossing or turning. I couldn't even do that as a kid.

Anyway it's grown very dark here so looks like those storms have arrived.  Since I have the laptop charging it's getting unplugged as it's not in a surge protector at the moment. Good moment to go rest too. :)

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