Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday Musings

The hot, humid, sunny weather makes it feel like summer today and who doesn't love summer?   With predicted highs of anywhere from 95-98 it's going to be a scorcher so the man put on the a/c.  While the a/c feels nice on days like this I still prefer sitting outside and basking in the warm!

The nephew arrived later than normal today as he had an appointment with a GI specialist at Children's Hospital due to his low weight and very poor eating habits.  At almost 14 months he is still fitting into 0-3 months clothes and is on the low weight spectrum.  He doesn't want to eat much, even bottles are hit an miss.  So the doctors are worried he might not be absorbing his nutrients and are going to run some tests. :(

When I agreed to watch my nephew not sure anyone knew what to expect including me.  You know the man and I don't exactly have kids, though we do consider our dogs kids. ;)   And while I've made some questionable decisions in the past this has not been one of them.  In fact it's one of the best decisions I've ever made, the joy this little guy brings is indescribable.  He has enlightened my world in ways I never knew possible.  Look forward to our daily adventures together.

My sister is a teacher and she is done school this week.  Even writing that brings a flood of emotions to the surface as I'm going to miss spending my days with him. They aren't sure what the plan is for next school season.  I've given it plenty of thought, and have offered to watch him if they want. My niece was put in daycare at the age of one, which is what I think the original plan was for him. But honestly can't imagine this special dude having to go to daycare just yet.  Why be a number in a class room when you can be the center of attention and have daily adventures with your aunt every day. :)

Anyway....we'll see what happens.  But one thing is for sure I will miss him lots and am so glad to be both him and my nieces godmother as they both mean the world to me.

The weekend was rather busy.  Friday night we decided to try a new place to eat, the first place was packed to the point getting in the parking lot was a line.  So we hit up another one on our list Bar Louie. The place was packed too, though we at least got seated right away.  Overall the food was ok not spectacular and not a place we will be rushing to get back to anytime soon.

Saturday morning the man was busy working on yard stuff while I was busy in the kitchen making us some cold pasta and potatoes salads. Given the weather is so hot cold salads are perfect.  Even tried out a new pulled pork recipe in the slow cooker which was awesome!  We chilled our briefly in the afternoon before playing our first mini golf round of the season. Of course the man won. ha  Saturday evening he had this great idea to move the tv outside. The weather was perfect so we enjoyed a nice evening on the patio watching a movie on the stick. Why Me was actually rather funny, and kept us laughing throughout the entire movie.  Good choice, good night.

Sunday was all about relaxing for the man.  He wanted to watch some soccer and golf.  While I cleaned out the garage, did some laundry and relaxed on the patio.  Sunday evening the man wanted to watch the hockey game though I didn't as just felt like the Penguins were going to win. Tired of the same old teams winning it and really wanted to see Nashville win. We kind of flipped around a little watching a little bit of everything as we tried to unwind for the evening.

Wish the weather could stay this sunny and warm year round.  Everyone is in such better moods, seems to have more energy and wants to be doing.  Unlike winter where everyone seems to want to hibernate.  I find winter tough has as I'm always cold so it makes it hard to get motivated when all you want to do is sit under a warm blanket.  The lack of sunlight during winter hurts everyone. Winter always seems like the endless season. On beautiful days like I always think of moving back to San Diego or even Florida but that tie to my family is just so strong that whenever I've lived in those places always felt like something was missing. Without them there to enjoy it with it just wasn't the same.

Hopefully the man and I can take a vacation this summer, it's been a long time since we had a real vacation.  Just a few days at the beach would be nice. :)

For now though we are enjoying hanging out here.  (our extra tv got moved outside for movie night)

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