Monday, June 5, 2017

Monday Musings

Cloudy, cool and showers is the weather for the next few days.  Maybe it's good in a way as I'm feeling....


Pretty much every muscle in my body feels sore, especially my chest and ribs.  Literally feel as if I could lay on the couch for days, that's something I don't say too often.  Feeling both physically and mentally drained.  Ever since having that nasty cold a few months ago still think my body hasn't fully recovered, in fact the rib is still recovering.  And think the overall crazy, business of the weeks has all caught up.

Two weekends of digging out the ground cover and then mulching this weekend, was the last straw.  Going into it I was super sore but afterwards well exhaustion can only describe it. Everyone thinks they are in shape until they attempt to repeatedly do physical intensive work it's only then that they find out the truth.

It's in such moments I wish we were billionaires who had our own private chef and masseuse. Maybe even cleaning staff too. ha

Though I did  finally got to my hairstylist, who was able to correct what the hair cuttery chick did and brighten with some highlights as well which were long over do.

Friday night we enjoyed a nice dinner out at a new local restaurant followed by some delicious yogurt sundaes. Saturday we engaged in a lot of work, and yes the man helped out this weekend too. He's really not used to such outdoor work so he was exhausted as well.  Sunday was all about recovery and rest.

Today was back to hanging out with the nephew and my niece actually joined him.  So it was double duty.  If only the weather had cooperated and given us some sun so we could have went to the park. My nieces school was actually closed due to a shelter in place being issued for their local area.

Apparently a prisoner escaped during transport, seriously you can't make this stuff up anymore.  It sounds more out of a movie but it's true. If you are not familiar with a shelter in place it just means the local authorities warn people to stay in and not leave their houses. Turns out the guys dad helped him escaped by picking him up and dumping him in the middle of a drug riddled section of Philly. In case you are wondering what the guy was even in jail for that would be drug related offenses. The world has seriously gone crazy, don't even get me started on it.

That's about all I have in me right now, my arms and every other inch of me is screaming chill out.

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