Monday, May 29, 2017

Monday Musings

The week was busy as the nephew spent everyday with me.  Though it was a little extra work overall it was a lot of fun!

Thursday and Friday the man was off. Thursday he spent resting (surprise I know) and Friday he had to get dental work.  Though he also made the mistake of overdoing it while hitting golf balls.  Two buckets of balls proved to be way too much for his body to handle. And he needed to rest before our big grocery shopping spree.

Saturday the man got us all involved in a girls day.  Him and my brother in law decided to golf, then agreed to watch my nephew so we could have a girls day.  Unfortunately my niece wasn't exactly in a cooperative mood. At 9 she likes to give my sister a hard time and being a little deviant. Though in her defense she leads a very busy life, so sometimes think she is just too overly tired and goes into melt down mode because of it. It's tough as think as kids we had more down time to relax than say kids today.

They eventually arrived about a hour half later than intended but luckily we were able to have a nice lunch and got to do a little shopping as well.  It's hard for my niece to shop for clothes as she gets distracted by all the accessories that stores overwhelm people with these days, especially kids stores. Think it's easier to go out early in the day as everyone has have more energy than later.

By the time we were finished the shopping the man was sleeping and brother in law had taken my nephew home as he was becoming cranky and needing sleep himself.  My man would probably benefit from my nephews sleep schedule as for a 40 year old he sleeps more than anyone I know!

Sunday started off with an early walk with Cooper around the neighborhood.  Something very peaceful about that hour of the morning before everything gets going, there is a quiet stillness that is nice.  And of course Mr Cooper is always happy to go for a walk.

The walk was relaxing compared to rest of morning as I decided it was time to tackle the over grown grass and ground cover under the tree in front.  So while the man slept I went at it with the shovel.  Probably more than I should be doing with my rib right now but it's got to get done.

It was rather intense as ground covers are the worst but when intertwined with grass it's really hard to dig up. It took man power I don't even have. ha  Basically after a few hours and trying to take rest breaks here and there, about 3/4 of it is up.  The remaining is some deep ground cover that might need more strength to pull out than I have. Sprayed some weed stuff on it, which I rarely like to do but this required some heavy duty methods.  (much prefer organic methods but they don't always work on tough ground covers and vines, or as quickly as needed)

Meanwhile the man needed to rest as golfing for four hours the day before appeared to wipe him out. He couldn't even pull a few weeds.  Really think he needs to take more vitamins, drink more energy drinks or maybe some serious shots of testosterone.  Not sure I know anyone who needs as much rest as him, or who can sit for days watching tv and not get bored. I'm bored after laying around for one day. He's a Finance director so while he's very busy during the week he mostly sits at a desk all day which isn't great for the body.  It's important when home and on weekends to move a little more.

I like to get things done he's the opposite as he's much more of a procrastinator.  He does work around here but not on a consistence basis. For instance his office is still not painted and continues to be a dumping ground.  Every weekend he talks about painting it but so far something nothing. While he may do more now that we own a house, when he decides to actually do it is a little hit or miss still. Guess some progress is better than none, try to focus on the positive! lol

Monday was more of the same me working outside trying to remove the ground cover and applying the lawn fertilizer while the man lounged on the couch for a second day. My neighbors couldn't believe I removed as much as I did at least they are appreciative of the hard work and how nice it's going to look.

While I'm feeling sore and exhausted at least I got something accomplished around here which makes me feel good. But admit to overdoing it for sure as my heart is racing and muscles feel hard to move.  Don't think I'll be making any dinner tonight, especially the stuffed peppers I had planned. Feels more like a take out night.

And on that note I'm officially resting!

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