Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday Musings

Some how I keep planning on getting back to writing on here yet seemed to get side tracked.  Feel like there are many things I've missed writing about.  While there are days I want to write just don't want to be on the computer.  Computers still and will probably always instigate my brain when it comes to the dizziness.  I find it almost easier to just post a photo on instagram. And don't get me started about twitter where I seem to find myself having to comment on political posts, some days think I should just delete the app from my phone. Anyway....

We went from a mini heat wave to cool Spring like temperatures by the weekend.  Those kind of drastic temperature changes make it hard for the body to adapt.  Though the cool weekend temps were great for the outdoor work we had to do, and the heavy rain today helps soak in the grass seed.

Yes most of the weekend was spent outdoors which is perfectly fine by me. We took up grass to create a flower garden, re did some parts of our lawn that were low and tackle the mini forest as I like to refer to it by in the very back of the yard.  The fact that the man joined in was even better!

Pine trees aren't on my favorite list that's for sure as their needles create a mess. The only pro I can think of is they stay green in winter, other than that they tend to ruin grass and attract ticks. Have to start sharing some of these renovation photos of both the indoor and outdoors we have been busy working on.

Think we are probably both sore, in fact the man was home from work today. Not sure he even recovered from Metallica last weekend.  Plus I'm still healing from the rib injury.  Visited the doctor again who said that injured intercostal muscles take awhile to heal and he wasn't joking.  It's still hard to lift things, very hard to get up from laying and making it a point to still ice frequently.

The man's friend from college stopped by with his kids on Saturday.  I would have preferred to keep working outdoors.  It was okay but his kids were a little hyper as they ran up, down and around the house. Creating a tad bit of a mess. ha  It's funny because when we grew up we would have never thought about running around someones house, jumping on their furniture, touching others things, etc, when we visited some where with our parents we just always sat quietly and played nearby wherever the adults were or went outside to play. In my opinion it seems many kids get away with a lot now and lack a sense of manners.

As I sit here writing I'm listening to my nephew sleep.  He is so precious, and I've really enjoyed being able to watch him. Now that he's beginning to walk we are really exploring and keeping busy. It's amazing the ways in which he has enlightened my world. Oh and now I totally get why moms don't dress up, sweats are much preferred as they can handle the many stains accrued throughout the day so much better.

Never exactly been a kid type of person but this little guy has my heart. Having so much fun and finding joy in every moment I get to spend with him. Think this age is just amazing to be a part of and experience. Listening and watching him nap even feels so special.  :)

Speaking of special the man came home with just because flowers this weekend, carnations and tiger lilies.  I love flowers to the point I should probably just be a florist or own a floral shop.  Think I drive the man crazy with all my flowers and even houseplants.  So of course I love being surprised with flowers. The little things mean the world.

And that's the perfect thought for this Monday, be grateful for all those little moments and things!

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