Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday Musings

Gosh it appears it's been over five months since I wrote a Monday post, since before Christmas?  Not sure why but writing isn't something I've felt much like doing. Think I've wrote more about politics this year than anything else.  Have to change that as finding dogs homes is what I'm more passionate about and those blog posts have become less as well.  That's got to change! has been crazy and busy.

Having fun watching the nephew though also come down with more colds in one year than I've probably had in ten. Every other month we seem to come down with something it's been nuts. The.latest cold actually turned into bronchitis, the cough was so bad I injured my rib.  Talk about excruciating pain and it's hard to heal because it's one of those muscles that's in constant use.  Trying to cough with such an injury is just sheer pain, can't even touch the area.  Praying it heals soon.

Quite frankly as I'm writing this wonder if I might even be coming down with another cold. It's almost like I can feel them coming on. Which makes me wonder what is going on, how come my immune system seems so low?  Maybe I need to exercise more, eat better, take more vitamins than I already do or just move to a warmer location where I can be outside all the time not stuck inside with dry, germ filled air?

It has definitely been a rough health year.  But I'm not the only one as the man has pretty much caught just about every cold I have. Yes we are a mess. ha

It made me realize just how much we take certain things for granted.  How often do any of us stop to think about all the ways in which we use our rib and rib muscles?  

Meanwhile I have a list of things that need to get done but some how just keep getting sidelined. Was feeling excited about Spring and the opportunity to do some outdoor gardening and work.  But with this rib injury could be sidelined much longer than I'd like from doing it.

That's life I suppose sometimes not everything is in our control.  And for a control freak like myself that's hard to admit. Right now I'm feeling impatient as just want to get working on what needs to get done.  Resting and doing nothing isn't exactly my style.

The house is slowly coming along.  Been working on each room.  We gave in and put a privacy fence around the whole property as we felt it would be better for Cooper. Though it limits our contact with the neighbors behind us who we happen to like, it also limits the other crazy dogs from trying to get into our yard.  There are two dogs on different neighboring properties who aren't exactly friendly toward Cooper and we are all about protecting the little man as best we can.  Plus it makes the yard look nice too and gives us a little more overall privacy as well.

Well it's time to chill out, so that's all for now.  Maybe I will get better with writing on here, maybe I won't. ;)

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