Friday, March 24, 2017

Human Lives

Great so we live with Obamacare for the foreseeable future, that's the best answer the leaders of our country can come up with? 

Meanwhile so many families struggle to be able to afford the skyrocketing premiums, deductibles, co pays, prescriptions. Does anyone care about all the middle class, and others who are working their asses off who can't afford insurance, let alone proper medical care or doctor visits? 

This isn't about the Democrats, Republicans or any other party. We are talking about people's lives here, in a country so great everyone should have access to the best medical care available. While the affordable act has helped some it has left so many struggling too. If we are going to require healthcare insurance, and fine people for not having it, then it dam well better be affordable and good for everyone. And I mean everyone.

Why is the government not calling out the insurance companies, the hospitals and medical facilities, the drug manufacturers. Their prices are making proper medical care and health insurance absolutely not affordable for so many. Too many families are going in debt and some financial ruin over healthcare costs. Not to mention people don't always get the best available care possible due to money, is that right or make any sense? 

Both sides of our government need to grow up, but aside differences, stop the bs and start working together to truly help the people of this country.  Seriously we are talking about peoples lives here. But to the career politicians it all seems like some game.

None of them deserve to be re elected, it's time for term limits.  Time for fresh faces, ideas and some kind of reasonable intelligence to step into Washington. The corruption and political games have to end for anything to ever truly change. 

Think about it how many of our politicians actually do any good? Actually do anything to help all the struggling citizens of the United States?  Yet many keep getting re elected why?  

They have no problem given billions to help other countries, yet they leave our own struggling citizens left to hang out and dry.  People come on we need real change here, and neither side seems capable of putting aside their differences to obtain that kind of change. 

It's such bs, one of the greatest nations in the world have politicians with the mentalities of babies and consciousnesses that seem to prefer money and power over helping others. Change starts with each and every one of us.  Let's stop judging each other by party, race, religion, sex and whatever else start seeing each other as the humans we are, humans who need each other.  Who need to not only come together but work together to make this country and world a better place. 

Health insurance and proper medical care should be a right for everyone! 

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