Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Monday Musings

The weather has turned much colder here with winter like temperatures, needless to say we are missing summer.  And since winter hasn't even officially begun it's not good to be missing summer just yet. ha

Funny how the moment it turns cold we start daydreaming of warm places to live.  The man says he could work from anywhere but not sure that is true just yet as now he is managing others and sitting in a boat load of meetings might be hard to do effectively from a remote location.  He could possibly work more from home but he chooses to go in probably due to the fact that he finds it hard to get motivated at home. So think it will be awhile until he opts to work officially remote.

What a day the nephew has wheels and is mobile with a new walker.  Talk about craziness even Cooper is running from him. ;)  He had a poop explosion which involved taking a bath in his blow up duck tub.  The things they have these days for kids is awesome, much easier than the era in which we grew up. By the way what happened to diapers keeping poop in?  Literally he has these poop explosion which result in poop leaking out everywhere.  It makes is very challenging to clean up. Every day I have more admiration for mothers as just not sure how they do it all. 

The weekend was mellow.  We basically lounged on the sofa watching football. Friday we watched some more Ray Donovan.  Saturday we went out to get a tree and decorated it too.  Sunday was football followed by more Ray.  The man loves those type weekends where I tend to get a little bored. There is only so much lounging and watching tv one can handle before feeling ancy or bored.  Think I'd rather be out taking part in some of the holiday festivities instead.  All though I must admit it felt good to just relax as it's been a whirl wind lately. 

Still can't decide on furniture. In my opinion there has to be a sofa that meets all our desires. The man would be content on the leather one we saw but I'm worried leather will feel cold.  Plus don't like the fact it only comes in a power recliner option as he love seat will leave wires running across.  And the other sofa we liked would take 6-8 weeks special order but since we didn't have a good experience taking that route with the couch we just cancelled we feel leary of doing that. Bean bags sound like a great idea at this point! 

Meanwhile I've been dealing with a dizziness flare.  It's so annoying as it affects everything especially sleep. Just want to be able to read and use a computer again without having to deal with it. Add to that crazy hormones and there are some days I wonder what it must be like to be a man.  They just seem to have it so much easier than women. Yup I said it and mean it. 

So I mentioned we started marathon watching Ray Donovan.  So far still like SOA better.  Ray is an entertaining show for sure but his stolid personality, combined with his lying and cheating ways get to be a bit too much. As I'm watching the show just want to punch the guy and say wake up dude stop being a jerk off. ha

Okay back to reality have to figure out what is causing the washer to trip the GFCI outlet.  Then I'm going back to listening to some classical music and trying to chill for a little.

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