Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday Musings

The weather appears to be turning more winter like, does anyone truly like cold weather?

Overall still busy working on the house.  Trying to finish up things here and there.  The furniture never arrived, which left both of us rather after waiting over 3 months we cancelled the order.  Mealey's didn't even try to convince us not to, they just refunded our account immediately. Guessing they knew something we didn't and that the furniture wasn't close to being delivered like they promised.  If it was then you think they would have convinced us to wait it out.

So now back to squarer one.  The furniture we ordered for the living room won't be available for at least 6 weeks. Though we did decide to buy the matching floor model chair which is coming in handy. We got two non matching chairs in the living room now and one very old leather couch that a neighbor gave us in the family room.  Yeah I know things could be worse but it would just be nice to have some furniture so we could invite family friends over to see the new house. The search is back on for family room furniture, still can't believe we waited over 3 months for furniture that was never delivered. ha

Friday we went searching for furniture and out to dinner at fridays which was an odd experience. What happened to Fridays....their menu has shrunk, the service was sub par and the place was empty.  The restaurants used to be so popular that one had to wait 45 mins on a weekend night but not anymore.  Feel like they are on the verge of closing soon.

Saturday involved more house stuff hanging curtain rods, a trip to Lowes and Target.  Saturday night was all about football.  Penn State vs Wisconsin for the Big Ten Championship.  Felt nervous watching the game especially with Wisconsin leading all of first half but Penn State came back to win the game.  We are Penn State!  And yes I feel we should have made the playoffs especially in place of Washington who has an easy schedule.

Sunday we were back to browsing for furniture.  Though the man doesn't really like having to do any thing on weekends as it interferes with his sports watching.  He spends way too much time working on his sportsboss and not  nearly enough just having fun with us on weekends!

The nephew and Cooper are keeping me busy during the week. As I'm write this I'm feeling rather tired. That's the problem though...I feel sleepy early, start dozing way too early and then I'm waking up way too early.

It's been almost a year since we were on the search for a new tv show to marathon watch.  After Sons of Anarchy we weren't sure what to start nor if anything live up to how amazing it was.  We tried Narcos but all the subtitles just made it hard to get into.  So we just started Ray Donovan the man seems to love it already, I'm on the fence but will say it is entertaining.  Though the guys in the show aren't nearly as hot as in SOA. ;)

Haven't been feeling like writing much lately.  Probably has a lot to do with the dizziness that's been flaring up again.  Looking at the computer, phone and even tv seem to only be instigating the whole thing.  Thoughts or ideas will come to me that I want to write about but actually putting them down seems to take a backseat these days.

And I have to mention that all the political posts on social media are driving me crazy.  I just want to scream people Trump won, get over it and move on.  Too many people are whining.  Do these same people realize that every election half the country isn't happy about who won but you don't hear them constantly whining about it or criticizing the newly elected.  Give the guy a chance before you start making all these harsh, critical judgments.  We didn't want Obama elected but we never whined all over social media about it for 8 years.  That's the problem though we all get stuck on things instead of learning how to move past the things that bother us.

Anyway, time to make dinner!

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