Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Who Will Actually Make America Great Again?

Today I posted my first political photo post on facebook, something I've avoided doing this election. Honestly couldn't help myself when I saw the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile, something we've actually seen in person and it's hilarious!  

Stumbling upon it made me laugh uncontrollably and knew it was something that just needed to be shared no matter what side of politics one might be on.  Of course I'll share here as well. ;)

Funny thing is I felt compelled to preface it with "all negative comments will be deleted"

This election is one I've come to despise, actually much like politics overall these days.  

The bullying, name calling and divide this election has brought seems almost unprecedented.  Lets face it neither of these candidates are worthy of being the leader of the United States.  Still I question how out of all the amazing, intelligent and great individuals that exists in our country these two are the ones actually running for president?  

Truth is the really smart, honest and full of moral types don't get involved in politics because they know just how bs and corrupt it all is.  Yet nothing is ever done about it or to correct it, why?

What has annoyed me most this election though is the fact that others think its okay to berate, bully and judge other's choices.  The beauty of America is that we all have the freedom to vote for whoever we choose.  And who are any of us to judge that?

Seriously how are people letting friendships and all kinds of relationships be destroyed over politics? Agree to disagree and move on.  People already know who they are voting for, the chances of anyone's bullying attacks, name calling, rants, lectures and whatever else against a candidate aren't really going to sway anyone.  

Hey I'd love to lecture you not to vote for Hillary but who am I to tell you what to do, and why would you want to listen to what I have to say anyway?  My advice has always been do in depth research on each candidate, know what they stand for, know where they came from, read about their past and present then decide who you are going to vote for.  Don't base voting it on just one thing such as party, sex, color or anything trivial like that....truly weigh the pros and cons of each candidate.  Vote for who represents your opinions, thoughts, morals, virtues, ideals and whatever else.  

If only all the delegates would take the time to weight their votes.  That's another thing about politicians the electoral college is outdated and makes too many people think their vote doesn't matter.  The electoral college needs to be officially abolished and popular vote needs to be the go to vote that matters.  It will give the actual american people more of a true say.  

What I really desire to know is....why aren't we asking the bigger question such as how did it get to this point of choosing between these two candidates?  Why are either of the sides getting away with lying, breaking the law, assaulting others, not knowing how to use email properly, scandals dating back decades, etc.?  Why are we as a society accepting the corruption, lies, breaking of the law, doing nothing to truly make American life better by any of these politicians?

There are protests for just about everything else in this country, so why are there not protests against the corruption of Washington and it's politicians?  Why are politicians being paid big bucks when they only seem to hurt the average american more?   Why don't our politicians get paid minimum wage and have to live off the standard health insurance plan take from their pay? Maybe then real change might happen and they might come to understand the plight and struggles of the average american.  

There are a lot of changes that could be made to end the corruption, lies and scandals of politics in Washington yet who can afford or is willing to make those changes?  

How can we all help make America great again?  Who and what will it really take?

And while I laugh rather uncontrollably at the pun on the weiner mobile, deep down I just want to squish that weiner guy in a hotdog bun and throw him in the trash.   But lets just leave it at that.  

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