Saturday, November 19, 2016

When Life Makes No Sense

Two weeks ago a friend of mine from back in the college days was in a serious accident.  Being the fighter he is so many were confident he would pull through, even though things seemed not so good. 

Unfortunately he succumbed to his very serious injuries.  God obviously had bigger plans for him but the loss seems unbelievable and unbearable for those who knew, cared and loved him.  It felt so shocking many collapsed in utter grief and tears upon learning of the news. 

It makes no sense. He was a genuinely nice, fun, loving, always willing to help, do anything for anyone type of guy.  He had struggles just like anyone else throughout his life but he always seemed to manage to turn them around into something good. 

He found a house he loved in a more rural area, he adopted/help rescue dogs, he even started what was turning into a very successful painting business and overall seemed to find a good happiness of sorts. So to many it made absolutely no sense how such a terrible thing could happen to such a great guy at the point in his life it did.  

What are people to do when life feels like it makes no sense?

Why does it always seem the good are taken way to early, yet the bad linger too long.  Is there a purpose or reason to any of it?  

It also brings with it a fear of sorts as people realize that nothing is guarantee not even tomorrow.   How quickly life can change.  The realization that life in so many ways is out of our control. 

That we may never understand in this life why things happen as they do, the only thing anyone can do is to live life to the best of their ability.  To do good, to live fully, to love deeply and laugh often while trying to appreciate every moment. 

And if anyone would like to pay it forward please donate to Almost Home Dog Rescue 9140 C Pennsauken Highway Pennsauken, NJ 08109 or Recycled Tails All Breed Rescue at ( in Brian's name.  He made a difference in other lives so lets help make a difference in the causes he loved and supported.

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