Monday, November 7, 2016

Pennsylvania, The Election and Why I'm Voting

Pennsylvania along with some other key states is an important vote for this election. And today I'm speaking out, telling like it is from my perspective!

Today Hillary and her so called celebrity friends are taking over our city of brotherly love to preach more of what I call nonsense,  As she thinks getting celebrities to endorse her will somehow make us want to vote for her?  Why would anyone turn to Beyonce or Bruce Springsteen for political advice?

These celebrities don't understand what it means to live in the real world, work real jobs at minimum wage, or not be able to afford health insurance or proper medical care, they have no clue what it means to work two jobs and still not be able to support a family.  They send their kids to private schools never having to worry about a good education or if their schools have enough funding.  So please so called celebrities don't tell me who to vote for.

Seriously, one more day until this country elects our next leader.  While I have pondered how out of all the great, intelligent, honest, kind humans this country did these two get nominated?   Fact is they did and we have a huge choice to make!

I'm not hiding how I feel anymore.  No way should a lying, corrupt, bs career politician who out right breaks the law and rules be able to run for president, a woman who simple ignored all her husbands sexual assaults on women throughout the decades, or how about the utterly disgraceful way she handled Benghazi, it's an atrocity.  She is the biggest hypocrite around, please do your home work before voting.

We let these politicians get away with ridiculous and even dangerous things, why?  What do they do for any of us?  Have they actually made the american life better for the average person?  The parties are rarely ever willing to work together or compromise to actually help us, they cater to whoever pays them the most money.  Politics is corrupt there is no doubt about that as are many of the politicians. But when is enough is enough to make us all want to stand up and actually do something about it?

Look if we all vote for Trump it will send a very clear and loud message, which basically would be one of fuck you to all our corrupt, elite cronie politicians.  It will let them know how disgusted and tired we are of all their centuries of games, manipulations, corruption, lies and not doing a thing to truly make life better for the average american.   The United States needs real change.

Wake up Pennsylvania and the rest of America. This is our time to be heard.  For once we have the ability to shake up Washington by electing a non career politician.  This election has the potential to send a strong message to all those bs, no good, dishonest, corrupt politicians that Americans want change, that we want someone different.   We are tired of the establishment and its cronies who never seem to accomplish anything but getting richer while we get poorer.

We have the chance to elect a man who isn't afraid to stand up to anyone.  And that's the kind of leader I want running this country.  At this point the election it goes way beyond character it's about creating real change.  Overall our country is in dire shape, we cannot just stand by and keep electing these career, corrupt politicians who aren't doing anything to truly change the system nor help improve the lives of the average american.

Below are ten of the reasons why I feel strongly about about voting for Donald Trump and why I urge you to vote for Donald Trump as well.

1) Supreme Court: At least one and possibly up to three or four Supreme Court justices will be replaced during the next four years. Trump has provided a list of judges that he will select from. All of them are judges who will used the Constitution as their guide rather than trying to legislate from the bench. Since 1970 the average time a judge sits on our nation’s highest court is 26 years the nominations are extremely important.

2) Obamacare:  Trump wants to eliminate Obamacare and substitute free market solutions. Clinton wants single-payer. Single-payer healthcare is wrong for so many reasons, the biggest of which is that healthcare becomes a commodity and even more than in Obamacare the government controls what medical procedures are possible. The VA is a single payer system and we’ve seen what has happened to the VA in recent years — like the systems in Canada and other single-payer programs there are horrible waits to receive treatment (that’s why those who can afford come to the U.S. for treatment). The government wants to manage costs, the patients want to get healthy.

3) Borders: Controlling who comes in and out of the United States is not just an immigration issue it’s a national security issue. For example Judicial Watch has reported that ISIS is operating a camp in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua, just eight miles from the U.S. border. Screening people who come into this country makes sense, especially from a part of the world that is home to radical terrorist groups. Donald Trump wants to protect americans no matter what race you are. No matter what gender. Hillary wants open borders, it makes no sense. We can't continue to support illegals coming into this country when we can't even support our own first. Sorry it's just not fair, come here legally or don't come at all.

4) Improving the American Gene Pool: Not mentioned often but the election of Donald Trump will guarantee the gene pool of American citizens will improve.  All those annoying so called celebrities can move to Canada or wherever else they say they are going.  And of course come crawling back when they aren't paid ridiculous amounts by other countries for their lack of talent or because other countries can't pay them the millions they've come to expect. ha

5) Restoring America as leader of the free world: The Obama/Clinton lead from behind philosophy has encouraged nations such as Iran, South Korea, and Russia to take advantage of America. Under Trump the U.S. will no longer be a laughing stock to our enemies, and our friends will start to trust us again.
6) Taxes: Trump will lower taxes on everyone including the middle class, Hillary would raise taxes on everyone including the middle class. Trump will also lower the corporate taxes, ours are the highest in the developed world. Lowering the corporate taxes will keep industry in the U.S. and lure more companies here leading to job growth.

7) Mainstream Media: If Donald Trump wins the election, there will be absolute horror in the mainstream media. Either their heads will explode or they will be reduced to babbling (even more than they babble now). Come on who isn't sick of the biased media by now?  I've given up watching the news all together.

8) Terrorism:  The United States has the best fighting force in the entire world, it is not even close. The main reason we haven’t crushed ISIS is that our civilian leaders puts restrictive rules of engagement on our heroes overseas. You don’t beat Terrorists who welcome martyrdom as a way to heaven by being nice Hillary will continue the Obama policies, Trump will say to the Generals “give me a plan that will win somnabitch!” We will crush ISIS and crush them quickly.  And finally seek justice for the men and women who have been tortured by those ISIS assholes!

9) Pro Life The amount of abortions in our country is horrifying. Hillary believes that even minutes before delivery, a baby does not have constitutional rights. That is absolutely absurd.  She can talk about other social issues but her views on abortion show how little she values human life. Trump believes abortion should be banned at some point in pregnancy, with exceptions for rape, incest or life of the mother.

10) Mike Pence  Talk about of character this guys got it.  If he willing to hire him imagine who else of character and intelligence he might choose to surround himself as part of his administration. 

11) Social Security or Medicare  Unlike Hillary he doesn't believe in cutting benefits. Instead plans on growing the economy to save those programs that our hard earned money is contributing to.

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