Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday Musings

The weather here has been nothing short of extreme.  Saturday was sunny, with warm temperatures almost near 70.  It felt more like Spring than Fall.  Sunday arrived with fierce winds that knocked power out at times, snow flurries and temperatures that felt as if it was Winter.  In fact the winds are still ferociously howling!

The week seemed to fly by.  Between priming the banister and sanding the steps it seemed to take up any free time.  Stripping the banister was a job pretty much every painting company said would involve too much labor to be worth the cost, replacing it would be cheaper and easier they said.  Of course if you've read my other posts I decided to tackle it.

What a tedious, labor intensive job it turned into.  Physically not sure I have even recovered yet as every muscle is sore. ha  With just bits of paint remaining here and there I went ahead and applied a bonding primer.  Which quite frankly took awhile to apply to each spindle and crevice.  It's understandable now why most wanted the astronomical fees they did to take on such a task.  We are talking prices of $1200 and more.

While the primer has been applied to both banister and railings, there is still the task of painting them now too.  Not to mention the steps have to be primed and painted as well.  And the man whines if I ask him to blow some leaves in the yard or take out the dog.  He has no idea how much work I've been doing. Anyway....

On top of all that I decided to tackle organizing the garage and shed.  Since it was so warm it made since to do it before the winter weather moves in.  Throw cutting some of the back lawn in and it basically turned into an all day task.  Which left me feeling overly annoyed that the man didn't at least offer to help. While he goes through spurts with helping, overall I would say he isn't very consistent.   If there were ever opposites it's me and him.  TV should give us our own show as I think overall many would find it highly entertaining. ;)

The furniture has yet to arrive so we are still using the free leather couch we got from an old neighbor years ago. I'm glad we were able to sell most of our furniture but maybe we should have waited to do that until there was an actual delivery date on the new furniture.  The main rooms feel rather empty right now.  Sunday we thought we would be able to have furniture for the living room but of course the one we like is out of stock and has to be specially ordered.  Even the desk I wanted for my office is back ordered. Never realized it would be this hard to furnish a house.

We then went to Lowes only to find out the closet door we need would have to be specially ordered as well. What happened to having things in available and in stock?

 Of course it was hilarious as I'm showing the Lowes door guy a photo of the closet and the man is saying we aren't figuring the size right as there is a wall jutting out. The man kept insisting this so we couldn't order anything until we went home to inspect it once again.  What do you know....I was right and there was no wall jutting out.  If the man would put down his phone and actually pay attention he would have known that.

He's not the only one everywhere we seem to go people are glued to their phones, seriously feel like yelling get off your phones people and be in the moment to focus on what you are doing.  It's becoming a dangerous distraction. People seemed more tuned out than ever to what's going on around them.

Anyway basically after Lowes and not being able to accomplish  as much as I was hoping felt frustrated.  So came home started a fire, zoned to football and made a crock pot dinner.  The Eagles lost but honestly I've learned to just let it go, it's only a game and it's crazy to get upset about something so trivial.  Though I must admit it's more fun when your sports teams actually win.

Meanwhile my phone is filled with over 2000 photos yet I seem to share less and less of them on here.  Not sure why that is but feel there are so many to not only browse through but edit as well.  With all the dizziness issues it just makes it  incredibly hard that I seem to only get further and further behind.

Just took this one though, it captures perfectly how not only the dog is feeling but me too!

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