Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday Musings

It felt like a whirlwind of a week.  Some of which I seemed to spend more time trying to make sense of, yet not really finding that sense I was looking for.  Honestly I've decided there are things that will just never make sense.

The weekend was busy.  Friday involved visiting yet another furniture store.  Trying to find affordable, quality furniture that fits the look and size we need has been challenging.  Saturday involved errands, raking leaves, cleaning up house as flooring was officially installed, watching some football and even took advantage of the fireplace since it was chilly.  Sunday spent the day with my mother, sister and niece shopping then out to lunch while the man played golf with my brother in law.

It's funny as the election seemed to create such a stressful week for so many.  We were very happy with the outcome but as always happens each election half the country wasn't.  Though I felt those who weren't happy took it a little too far with the melodramatics, protests and even violence displayed by some.  Our society has become a bunch of whiners if you ask me.  When Obama won twice us anti Obama people didn't cry or take to the streets in protests we simply dealt with it.

Just once I'd like to see all these so called protesters, protest for a worthwhile cause.  Do these protesters realize there are millions of people starving in our world?  Do they realize all the children and animals that get abused on a daily basis?  Do they realize there are people being tortured by terrorists around the world?  Do they realize we are losing the war on drugs and losing precious people to rampant addictions?  Do they realize women are being trafficked everyday?  Do they realize how many people are struggling to make ends meet, let alone support families or have decent healthcare? Do they realize the impact that crime, violence and even gangs are having on our society? The list of real causes is long, yet they protest Trump.  Come on man.

Seriously protesters take your head out of your asses and start protesting something worthy, something that will actually make a real difference in the lives of people who are being affected by those things.  If you want to stand up to government start addressing all governments around the world not just the US.  It just drives me crazy with all the really bad crap that happens in the world that this is what people choose to protest.

Meanwhile found out news about a friend from back in the college days who suffered a very serious brain injury along with all kinds of fractures that they can't even address yet.  There are no words to describe the utter heartbreak I feel for him and his family.  Like everyone else he's had struggles in his life but he really turned them around and was doing such an amazing job at creating a new life with his own business.  Life just seems to make no sense at times.  Though such events put things in total perspective.

Anyway, I shouldn't even be on the computer as it's instigating the dizziness once again.  That's the thing I can take a break from using the computer but once I started up again it just brings on the dizzy spells.  In a day and age where life seems to revolve around computers it basically sucks.

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