Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday Musings

The weather is turning chillier, as daylight savings now causes darkness to fall too early.  Winter always seems like the longest season and summer the shortest why is that?  While some like the start of boot season, bulky sweaters and winter coats I myself would be content in shorts, tee and flip flops year round.  :)

I'm feeling frustrated at the moment with politics, certain people, retail and pms.

The politics stuff even had it's own posted devoted solely to it.  As for people I just don't understand why some feel the need to cop such attitude, disrepect and unkindness toward others, just because people aren't like you or do things differently doesn't give anyone the right to talk to another the way some do these days.  Get over it, deal with it, put your ego in check and simply realize part of life is communicating.  If you don't want people bother or talking to you than go be a loner or maybe even a monk instead of torturing others with such unkindness.

Retail, where do I even begin.  Seems like anything we order these days there is an issue with.  We ordered something engraved and person for my mothers 70th, it was guaranteed to ship overnight and until it didn't show up until a week later.  Way to ruin someones special birthday.  I won't blow up the retail store as they did make manage to right the wrong by giving us the item for free.

But I will blow up Mealeys who we ordered furniture from.  They originally estimate 6-8 weeks for furniture we ordered, informing us they would keep us updated and call in two weeks after we placed order.  Fast forward no call after two weeks, no contact until the week before it's due to be delivered and we are told there was a fabric delay.  And no one though to call us sooner to give us option to pick another fabric?  They are not sure when it might arrive, even the manager cannot get updates. They offered to give us another $100 off but with what we paid to begin with is seems little like way too little. So we wait to hear from the manager.....

Let me remind you that we basically sold all our furniture upon moving in the new house except for one very old leather white sofa, so we really need the furniture to arrive.  Meanwhile since the flooring is being done this week we can now officially go and pick out a sofa for it.  Since we went with a rustic grey tone flooring for the living room we want to be sure of what the room actually looks like with it first before picking a color for any furniture.  We basically spend more time in the bedroom than any other room right now. ha

Meanwhile for what seems like two weeks that gnawing pain is back in my navel area.  It's a crampy, gnawing, feels like shards of glass type of sensation.  The same type feeling that sent me to the er a few months ago, back then they did a abdomen CT scan but couldn't figure out the cause of the pain. Interesting enough it started around ovulation back then just like it did now, so I'm guessing it might be hormone related.  Wonder if it might be endometriosis though I'm no expert.  Guess if it continues it's back to the doctor.  But these days health care costs are getting to be affordable between the premiums and co pays it's getting out of hand, yet another reason Trump is getting my vote.

Today the flooring guys came out to start installing the new flooring.  They arrived a hour earlier than expected, the man's plan was to stay home in the morning so he could talk to them and even watch them.  But of course do you think that happened?

Nope the man basically laid in bed scrolling his phone as I talked to the installers. He seemed completely uninterested in being a part of the situation or answering their questions.  This is the same guy that will then have questions later or misunderstand someone because he wasn't present in the moment or paying attention to what others say. Sometimes think he needs a swift kick in the arse and a lesson on doing the right thing.  At times I think he can come across as rather arrogant which can be a real turn off.  One thing is for sure he is not a morning person. ha

My nephew wasn't too happy with all the noise it definitely interfered with his napping.  It felt like a very long day.  And they are back at it again tomorrow as they still have to install the upstairs flooring.  Think I need a vacation away from everyone and everything.  In fact if Hillary wins I may just move to Barbados, perfect destination for a warm weather babe. ;)

Well it's off to try a new recipe for dinner, taco pie.  Maybe I should be making something more bland but truth be told that doesn't sound as appetizing.


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