Thursday, November 3, 2016


As I stood outside with Cooper this morning taking in a beautiful sunrise it causes a rather serene sense to wash over me.  The awe and beauty of nature can do that.  It some how seems to bring out the deeper desires of the soul.

That serene feeling fell away after a rather hostile encounter of attitude and unkindness.  Sometimes wonder what is wrong with people, is it that hard to be nice or show a little kindness and respect?  What happened to love makes the world go round. But then it came to me discord tends to exist when souls don't connect or are closed off in some way or another.

Which got me thinking about connections.....

There are some people we meet who within minutes we feel and sense such a deeper connection, the kind of people we could sit gazing the night sky with and never run out of conversation. Or not even have to say a word yet know they completely and utterly understand us.  They are the people that make our souls feel alive, happy, content and nurtured.  These are the people we know we can trust to always be honest, loyal, understanding and loving.

Then there are those we know years or even lifetimes yet never truly connect with. It's as if  some kind of wall is up that prevents our souls from truly connecting.  There is an awkwardness, an aloofness, a negativity of sorts and knowing that no matter how hard we try that soul connection will never be there.  They are the people that seem to bring us down, cause discord, unhappiness and us feeling anything but nurtured.  These are the people we know deep down we can't trust to be honest, loyal, they show no understanding only judgment and they aren't people we could ever share our true souls with.

Not even sure where I'm going with this but just thinking why do we ever let the types we will never connect with into our lives?  Why do we let them affect us, instead of simply realizing their souls are on different levels than ours and move on?

How do we find and form those deeper connections?  Is it by listening to our hearts and intuition?   Is it by working on ourselves, allowing our souls the opportunity to be open to such connections?  Lets face it there are many people who are just closed off to change, their egos and minds are too closed and selfish they have a hard time even understanding who they are, let alone forming deeper connections with others. Some souls are simply not in the right place to be kind or loving, they still have much work to do.

Kind of like the hostile encounter this morning, the way that soul reacted reveals a lot about them.  Of their shortcomings and weaknesses that would treat another that way.

Which makes you wonder why do some people even cross our paths?

Tend to think that everyone we cross paths has something to teach us or us to teach them.  Whether it be good or bad there is something that is meant to shape our lives from meeting them.  Maybe we will help them in some way, maybe they will help us.

And some where along the way we meet those deeper connections who enlighten our lives in deep fulfilling ways, some of whom will always be a part of our life.  And eventually learn to let the ones the connection just isn't there with go.

The serene feeling of the morning sunrise reminded me how important those deeper connections are to our souls and life here.  Each day is another chance at creating, finding and making those connections. It begins with being change, to life, to love, to kindness, to understanding, to compassion, to slowing down enough to actually appreciate and notice the life around us.

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