Thursday, October 20, 2016


They say the truth will set you free.

Truth is....a single lie discovered is enough to create doubt in every truth expressed.  Could not agree more.

If people want to be trusted the have to be willing to live in complete truth and honesty.

How many of us can say we live in complete truth?  Live every day, in every way the truth.  No bs, no lies, nor secrets not even what some consider little white ones.  I mean live life completely baring ones soul, not afraid to simply expose who you are and all you are, strengths and weaknesses, to the world.....

And for that matter how many of us can say we have at least one person in our life that knows everything, and I mean everything there is to know about us? Someone who we dare to be ourselves with putting everything out there for them to know and see.

Even that deep soul love that many desire to find and some actually obtain in this lifetime....that only comes when willing to live in such truth.  When willing to be completely open and honest with not only ourselves but others. That's to key to any kind of soul connection.  Yet so many struggle with what seems a rather simply concept.  

Back in college we had a friend who lied about going to college because she wanted to fit in with the rest of us, the reality was she had a full time job and wasn't enrolled in school.  No one would have cared but something in her felt felt insecure or fearful to be honest so she lied. Think at some point her habit even rubbed off on others. I'm not perfect either and pretty sure truth wasn't always at the forefront of my younger years at times as well.  Even the man struggles with living in truth, a difference that could easily ruin us one day. Sometimes even about the most trivial stuff.  Such as one time I caught him posting a photo on twitter of a friend's house who happens to have wall to wall tvs, he told people it was our house. Suppose he wanted to look cool in the eyes of his sports buddies and social media followers.  Of course my truthful comment quickly got blocked. ha

Living in truth is hard there is no doubt about it....there are numerous reasons why people even lie. Lying to get out of something, lying to avoid something, lying to impress, lying to make one feel better, lying to protect, lying out of insecurity, anxiety, fear,doubt, whatever the reason. Of course there's even more complicated lying such as that of a narcissist or even sociopath as well.

When my little one Angel passed over two years ago it was an awakening of sorts.  She was what I consider to be a real life earth angel, so when she passed thought for sure if anyone would be seeing heaven it had to be here, especially after all she had been through.

Of course then the panic set in, thought to myself will I ever see her again and have I been good enough to go where she is. Truth is one of the first things to come to mind.  Not only did I have to be a good, kind, caring and understand soul to go where she was but live in truth along with faith.

What stands in the way of living in truth though?  Is it fear that holds people back, the fear of being bullied, harassed, made fun or not liked if they showed the world their truth, maybe.  Some may even think it would appear weak but in actuality it takes more courage and strength to live ones truth. Of course theres though who use lies to try to impress, which is sad they feel they have to stoop to that level.

It's not easy being completely honest and open but my gosh it's worth it.  Never worrying or forgetting what you say because you never feel the need to hide, lie or pretend.

Yet it puzzles me as to why the truth is such a struggle for so many.  We are bombarded with news of politicians to celebrities lying their asses off.  Even the very people we know and love can struggle with keeping it real and living in truth.

We as a society have become all to accustomed and accepting of it, when in reality it should be more frowned upon and come with not only apologies but actions that make up for it. And when the lies break the law there should be punishments as well.  Even all these politicians if they get caught lying there should be it no running for president and/or they lose their position.  That's the only way to start giving truth a chance at a come back.  Of creating a society that is based on truth, and people who can actually be trusted.

Wish even people I know could understand the concept of living in truth better. By not being able to there's a chance it will lead to a drifting apart as one soul grows and the other remains stuck repeating the same lessons until learned.

For most living in truth is easier, it doesn't destroy or hurt like lies.  By not living in truth we are creating facades and putting up walls to becoming who we are truly meant to be.   We cannot grow in positive ways nor obtain the wisdom needed to grow as souls without truth.  If you have the courage to live in truth it really will set you free!

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