Friday, October 28, 2016

The Moments

This morning as I sat holding my six month old nephew kept thinking how I wish the moment could be bottled.  The smile he was giving me and the laughs we were having.  Those moments are what make life worth living.

Yet how many of us really take a the time to appreciate those moments?  How many of us are too zoned out to phones, tvs, computers or a slave to our work lives that we overlook the actual feelings of the moments of life? How many of us let ourselves seemingly block the ability to appreciate the moments because we are too hung up on the past or the stresses of daily life?

When I look back on all the adventures taken there are only two regrets one don't think I understood how to fully appreciate the moments as maybe I could have and two that the people who mean the most weren't always there to share in many of them.

How do we even know when we are fully appreciate a moment anyway?  Only way to answer that seems to be to say when all the senses come alive, when our hearts are simply filled with joy and love for the moment we are living. While all the while understanding not every moment can be earth shattering joyous yet knowing in some sense the not so joyous shall pass.   As even in those ebb and flow moments of life there can be such a sense of enlightening and learning.

Something as simple as enjoying a amazing brewed cup of coffee or the awe feeling that overcomes one when gaze at the star filled night sky.

The world gets so hung up on the trivial, mindless thing forgetting the beauty of simply appreciating the life around us. Basking in each moment we have been given here, focusing on the things that make us happy, being present for those who care, love and make an effort to spend time with us.

The moments are what life is about.  The moments are what weave our hearts with memories and strings to others that some how have an infinity far beyond what we will ever be able to understand.

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