Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday Musings

After a record breaking weather weekend, yup temperatures hit 80 again, the weather has cooled down.  Oh the love I have for 80 degree, sunny warm days.  ;)

This week and weekend involved a lot of work on the house.  Then again feel like that's been almost the norm since we moved in.  All the carpets are officially up and awaiting new flooring.   Oh yeah and we got a call from Mealeys our furniture has been delayed another month.  We have been waiting 8 weeks already, the sales girl Maggie calls the week before it's supposed to be delivered saying there was a fabric delay.  And she waited 8 weeks to inform us of that?

In the meantime I decided to strip and sand the murky brown peeling banister and railings. I've gotten a few opinions from actual painters, they said who ever originally painted them didn't do it properly.  There should have been a primer beneath the paint to prevent the peeling. All the painters we got quotes from basically said same would cost more to strip and repaint then to just buy a new banister. To save money they recommended simply painting over the murky brown color with a primer and two coats of paint.  Though it would eventually need touch ups.

The frugal me decided to tackle the project myself.  So sanded it down quite a lot but it still wasn't enough for the spindles and smaller sections. Hence after reading reviews decided to try the so called low odor Citristrip paint stripper.  While the odor wasn't toxic horrendous like most paint strippers it still omitted an odd citrus smell that eventually became overwhelming and require opening all windows for two days.  Again though not nearly as noxious as the regular paint strippers.

 It didn't quite strip the wood bare like I expected, not to mention it took a lot of woman power to scrape the not exactly sure I would highly recommend it.  The guy at Lowes told me to forget it just sand whatever may be peeling and put a bonding primer over it.  Everyone I talked to basically agreed that stripping any surface is a nightmare and a lot of work!  (the man some how got himself out of this one and didn't even offer to lend a hand, think he was intimidated by the amount of work and smell)

Sunday also involved lawn work. The man blew the leaves I picked them up.  Then he cut and weed whacked lawn while I worked on cleaning up outside. Cooper had a great time just being outside, he was so exhausted from spending the day outside he slept the night away and much of today.  We also put up a little mini picket fence as well.  You would think we were putting up a regular size fence though the way the man was complaining about how spent he was.  Imagine if the man tackled some of the projects I have, he wouldn't be able to move for weeks.

 As to be expected the man was absolutely exhausted and sore by night. So much so that he had to work from home today, which doesn't so much involve work as it does laying in bed resting all day. He should simply call them a day off instead.  And of course I informed him he better start working out or something as there is going to be a lot more yard work now that we own a house.

Honestly we went from talking about tiny homes to owning at least a quarter acre and a four bedroom home.  Think we are way over our heads as the man isn't one for doing a lot of physical work and maintaining this house is going to require more than just laying on the couch all the time. haha

Cooper and my nephew joined in holiday festivities by dressing up for Halloween.  My niece decided to be a mermaid so they joined in with sea creatures as well.  Cooper is a shark and Dylan a penguin. Trying to get photos was funny.  Neither looked happy to be in costume though that may be due to tiredness more than anything. And on that note enjoy the holiday.

Happy Halloween!

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