Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Monday Musings

It's October and 80 degrees here in Philadelphia, we are around 20 degrees above normal and loving every moment of this summer like weather.  If only it could stick around for awhile but more Fall like temperatures are supposedly on their way.

Hard to believe its been over a month since I wrote anything on this little journal of mine. It's not even officially Monday but felt the urge to start writing again.  Feels like it's been such a whirlwind between buying the house and getting married. Still not even sure I've had time to process how I feel about any of it,  Still get inklings where I want to just take off on a cross country trip and live with more passion!

That's what I find is missing sometimes from daily life, passion.  Find myself wanting to be surrounded by more enthusiasm and passion. Neither of which the man really possesses unless it has to do with sports. ha  He's content to watch life on tv where as I want to be out engaging and exploring it. 

Fixing up the house, caring for my 5 month old nephew and hanging with Cooper is taking up much of my time these days.  And to try to ward off the pesky dizzy spells in between I try to limit my computer usage which really hinders writing on here.

It's amazing what I'm learning by spending the days with my nephew.  Seriously I commend all mothers as it really is a full time job, and can't imagine having to work full time and raise kids these days, seems near impossible.  Even mothers who get to stay home still have so much on their plates.  Think it's something that not many men can comprehend, if they could think they would offer to help a lot more!

He literally keeps me on my toes.  Yesterday was pure chaos there was running poo that seemed to end up on everything, and just as I'm trying to clean him up, he conveniently sprayed me and the surrounding with pee.  Yet he's helping me see life in a new perspective which is good. Sometimes we all need to step back, take a good look at life and really focus on the moments spent with those we love.  Let all the nonsense and stuff that doesn't really matter just go.

Meanwhile the house is coming along.  We had no plans of taking up all the carpet in the main rooms but due to an overwhelming cat urine odor from previous owners it left us with no choice.  We tried everything, even had the carpets professionally cleaned but the odor remained.  So we've been working on taking up all the carpet which has been real fun, not. ha   In the process even cut my finger needing a little urgent care service.  

We went back and forth on flooring options...wood looking tile, laminate or luxury vinyl planking. While I love hardwood floors the man has never been fond of them. With dogs in the house we think it makes sense to go with this new luxury wood looking vinyl planking.  It has the rustic look we love, is waterproof, softer and more affordable than tile.

In addition, I've been working on painting and sanding the woodwork trim around doors, windows and floor.  Trying to organize closets, set up rooms and fixing anything that might need it.  I was able to sell some of our furniture to make way for new furniture.  We ordered sofas for the family room which won't be available for another few weeks, and still in process of trying to find furniture for the living room.  Until the furniture arrives we are living with one old leather couch in family room and one chair in the living room, with half the flooring up.  

It's driving the clean, ocd, organized side of my persona crazy. Just want to be able to set up rooms, hang photos and it to feel more like home soon. On top of all that still doing outside work such as trimming trees, landscaping and working on the lawn. Honestly we wanted more property but now that we got it, it feels a littler overwhelming to maintain.  

The neighbors seem nice though still nothing like the neighborhood where we rented our little cottage house.  That neighborhood was one in a million when it came to cool, friendly neighbors.  It just had that small town feel that is very hard to find.  At least this location puts us close to family, good restaurants and a decent amount of stores. 

The man is very busy at work, and seems super tired when home.  He still loves to zone out on the couch and watch football, somethings will never change.  He tries to help around the house but tires out quickly.  I'm always trying to tell him if he would just get up, start moving and doing he would feel better than always just laying around.  In my opinion once you start your day off by laying around it's hard to motivate yourself to do anything but that.  Plus his sitting at a desk looking at a computer all day isn't good, think it's important to make sure to keep active and enjoy nature more when not at work. But that's just how I think, the man would much prefer to veg out to tv.

Anyway, maybe soon I will get around to uploading all the photos that overload my phone, so much so that the warnings pop up about how there is no more storage available.  You wouldn't believe the amount of photos I actually take but fail to post.

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