Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Monday Musings

The weather has been all over the place, cool and hot.

Kind of like my blogging lately.  Feel like my favorite woof wednesday posts that mean the world to me have taken some what of a backseat. hoping to get back on track with those soon.  The time on the computer it takes to write those instigates the dizziness hence why I tried to cut back on technology stuff, especially the months leading up the wedding and moving.

Everything is starting to feel like a blur lately.  I can't believe it's already been two weeks since we got married.  Since we just bought a house we put off taking a honeymoon, quite frankly not sure we would even agree as to where to go on one. haha  The man mentioned going to an island but since I can't spend all day in the sun anymore it just doesn't have the same appeal it once did.  I'd much rather go somewhere I haven't been before and spend the time sight seeing.

Also I have a new role of sorts.  Since we moved to a different area I am going to have to re establish pet clientele, so for now three days a week I'm watching my 4 month old nephew! Our new house is on the way to my sister's job so it just makes sense.  It's a pretty big responsibility but think it will be a good thing.  Cooper and him are already bonding, the boys are already turning into partners in crime.  :)

Labor weekend my nephew got baptized by the church that married us.  Followed by a celebration at my sister's house afterwards.  Overall it was a fun weekend as well.

Football has begun, the man is his typical college football obsessed self though he spent the first Saturday glued the the tv day and night, this Saturday the games weren't as good so the man, my brother law and me spent the morning clearing our yard of brush. Of course with the heat and humidity it was like 100 degrees.  In addition I power washed some of the house. Then we met with a flooring guy later only to be floored by the prices. ha

Also took upon the task of removing the carpet in our upstairs living room and hallway.  It was a decent amount of work, the most tedious aspect of it all was removing all the staples the carpet pad was attached with especially on the steps!  And of course I sustained a rather deep cut on my index finger that sent me to urgent care.  Should have gone when it happened but I waited, then woke up next morning to find it still bleeding.  At that point they decided it would be better to try to glue the cut than stitch it.  The cut itself is located on the top part of my finger closer to the bone and where it bends so the pain was rather strong.

We were able to sell most of our furniture which will allow us to put the profits toward new furniture. The furniture had been around for awhile so we figured it was time for a change and to start a fresh. We ordered furniture to the family room but they explained it would take anywhere from 6-8 weeks.  So we have one sofa left that we didn't sell and that's what we are using until the new stuff arrives.  It's funny because it's a sofa that a neighbor actually gave us years ago, it was mainly used in the old meditation room and kitchen area but rarely did anyone actually sit on it.  Sitting on it full time has us hoping the new furniture is ready soon!

Meanwhile we have to decide on flooring, and are looking for something durable and reasonably priced. We got a quote from Empire and were shocked at how high it was, not at all what we expected given their constant commercials make it seems like they are the cheapest.  There is still so much that needs to be unpacked, just about every room is still waiting on being fully put together.  It will be so nice when we can put out little knick knacks and photo frames around. Tend to feel off when the environment around me isn't organized, guess that's a typical type A personality for you!

Hoping to have a post highlighting the renovations we are making as well.  It's always interesting to see the before and after photos when remaking rooms for now though think I'll just publish this and get back to work. :)

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