Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday Musings

Well we actually had a week of perfect, summer weather, it was a refreshing change from the heat and humidity that has been dominating.

My writing has been suffering lately, a combination of being crazy busy and trying to avoid the computer due to the dizziness. Yet when I do get the chance to write it feels so good to just let my thoughts out. 

Big news....we officially bought our first home and have been moving in over the week.  Moving again in just a year has been exhausting, chaotic, nerve wrecking, exhilarating and even scary in some ways.  After renting houses for years, and living in various places we decided to put some roots down.  Even just saying that brings up feelings of apprehension for someone who has spent most of her life moving around. 

While renting sucks in many ways, it also had some perks like being able to pick up whenever one feels like it and try somewhere new. Or never getting bored of one place. And of course when something might go wrong being able to call someone else and let them deal with it.  So giving up some of that feels strange.

The man took a week off from work for the move, and he probably could have taken even more days. We had stuff piled everywhere, for the first few days we could not even move in the house and stayed at my parents house while we worked at unwrapping and moving everything into place. By the end of the week pure exhaustion and crankiness set in.  It will be awhile until we have everything organized, and now I understand those friends of ours who said they still aren't unpacked after months of living in their new homes.

Still trying to find room for everything especially all my clothes and shoes, which suddenly seemed to surprise the man.  What I need is a professional to come in and find ways to create more storage, it's sometimes nice to have an outside opinion of such things. The man dislikes a lot of furniture around but I feel we need more storage options too.  I even filled two bags of clothing to donate!

We initially thought we would paint the house ourselves, but after painting two bedrooms and a bathroom we quickly gave up on the notion and are paying a friend of mine who owns a painting company to paint the main rooms.  I don't mind painting but the tilting of my head to edge with all the dizziness issues wasn't going so smoothly.  So while I hate not to be able to do it myself it's better this way, even if it means spending money.  Ugh I hate spending money on such things. ha

For the first time we have a family room, living room and working fireplace. Though the bedroom closets are a little smaller than previous houses.Not sure what I'm going to do with all my clothes. But we have a lovely paver patio in front and back to sit outside and enjoy.  Plus a nice backyard for planting a garden!

Between moving, and the wedding less than 20 days away I'm filled with so many emotions it's too hard to possibly put into words.  The list of things to still do is long, how is it we have been together nearly a decade yet in one year, not to mention in the same month decide to buy a house and get married.  It's really crazy! 

Feel like maybe we should have waited another year to get married so we could have savored the process a little more instead of feeling so rushed and stressed to get everything accomplished in a certain time frame.  But it is what it is so we just have to focus as best we can.  We had a budget so we planned a small wedding for those whom we feel closest to or have really made an impact on our lives over the years. At most there will be 70 people.  I felt mixed about that number as usually so many of the wedding we've been to were so big, yet the idea of an intimate wedding felt right.  In fact I wanted to have a beach wedding too but the logistics of it all just felt more difficult for others who would be attending, and we really wanted those people there too.

On another note our living room is on the second floor and you can look out the window and see the sky which is nice.  Instead of looking out into the street we see the clouds, sky and trees....nature at it's finest!

Anyway, that's all for now just trying to put my thoughts into memories to look back on. 

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