Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Musings

It's official....we are married!

Yes after almost a decade together we are now legally recognized as husband and wife.

The outdoor ceremony was more beautiful than even we imagined, the vows I wrote for us turned out perfect and think what best sums it up is the song I chose to walk down the aisle to...A Thousand Years.

Heart beats fast, Colors and promises, How to be brave?
How can I love when I'm afraid to fall?
But watching you stand alone,
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow.

Yes that's how I felt.  Suddenly the doubts, the nerves,,,it all seemed to fall away.  At that moment some how I just knew. The beauty of the moment felt overwhelming. Truthfully wanted to just stand on the path overlooking the ceremony for awhile and take it all in.  We could not have picked a more beautiful place to marry.  While the weather was rather hot and humid at 94 degrees, it was sunny and warm so for that everyone felt grateful.  

After all the searching, even returning the first dress, the dress I picked was perfect for a summer wedding.  It fit my personality and the material was just light enough to handle the heat of the day. Compliments for the dress were overwhelming.  It wasn't a typical heavy, beaded gown and it had an airy, summer feel to it. Honestly it felt princess like. 

You hear people say it goes so quickly, but you have no idea how quick.  All the planning for months, even though it was a small wedding for family and close friends we barely got to talk to all those who attended.  Our only wish is we had more time to socialize with all those who joined us on the special day. 

Even taking photos seemed to go so quickly.  Trying to get everyone at the spots the photographer wants to take photos isn't easy.  Making sure you have the photos you want is hard to remember. Even now I'm not sure I got all the photos, at all the places I wanted but it was just too hard to even keep track of.  With all that was going on right before the ceremony we forgot to get a photo on the deck over looking the golf course. 

There was one hiccup which delayed the ceremony by half a hour.  His mother and sister's hotel lost  electricity and being his sister his disabled they could not use the elevator. So they were texting us during photos asking what to do, it took me telling them to call the fire department to figure it all out. So that's exactly what they did and they were able to get them to the ceremony but not without it being delayed half a hour.  It would not have been our wedding without something crazy happening!

To hear the man say it was the best day of his life warmed my heart.  He left a lovely hand written card for me to read before the ceremony, even the priest who read it to me because with my contacts in I could not read anything close, exclaimed he felt I hit the lottery with the words the man wrote.

It's amazing to look back on our first date, all the years together the good and not so good, how we have grown as individuals and a couple.  Still remember the moment when I  read Patrick's first email to me on myspace back in 2005, something about his look and the emails we exchanged made me feel there was some kind of connection....who knew it would lead to this.

Life is full of surprises, and my dad's speech at the wedding said it is short, appreciate every moment, have fun and love one another. 

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