Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday Musings

After weeks of hot, humid weather the temperatures have fallen but they say it's only for a few days. If there is such a thing as perfect summer weather it's this.  Sunny, cool breeze and only 80 degrees. Last summer we had much more days like this.  If only it could be this amazing all year. 

I'm running out of steam so not sure how much writing will take place.  Today involved painting my office room, two coats of lavender.  I've been prepping the room for what feels like days.  My dad actually helped paint the ceiling as that angle is a bit too much for my brain to handle.  The walls were in rough shape so had a lot of patching of walls to do as well.  Even though I used a paint with primer the walls ate up the paint so two coats was a necessity.  

After a very busy weekend it wasn't something I was exactly looking forward to doing.  But there are boxes of my office stuff stacked in our hallway and family room downstairs so needed to start putting together the room, which made no sense to do until it was painted. All I have left now is touching up the white woodwork. Oh and the door, whoever lived here before us made a mess out of the door. There are holes all over it, eventually we will replace it but for now it's all about patching up and painting it.

Saturday we spent the morning trying to set up the living room and dining area.  Then my mother and I had to deliver some stuff to the place we are getting married.  And after that we headed to Walmart to do some shopping and even made a stop at Lowes.  By the time evening came I was ready to do but lay in bed.  

Sunday wasn't much different as my parents delivered some of our furniture that we had been storing at their house.  The man wasn't up to helping so I ended up moving most of it with my parents.  By afternoon felt very sore but there was more to be done.  Since my sister was also coming by we had a mini pizza party first.  Then it was serious business as the girls took to putting together the wedding favors.  My niece got right to work, she in fact was producing more than even we could keep up.  Girl power!  When everyone left there was still more wedding stuff to be done, it's crazy how much last minute things need to get done.

Again by evening I could barely move. Honestly not sure how I even cooked dinner but ate dinner in bed.  Afterwards watched some Big Brother and pretty much just wanted to sleep.  The soreness from lifting, moving, mowing and painting is really starting to catch up with. It sucks that that the man fractured his foot as there is just so much to be done.  And even without the fracture the man prefers to rest on the couch more than do work around the house.  It's why us buying this house should be interesting because he is going to need to step up and do more than he ever did when we were just renting houses.  Just not sure if he truly realizes the work involved in owning a home.  

There is a decent amount of lawn to cut and weed whack, which he really needs to stay on top of.  I tried to cut the lawn the other day and it was a monster to do.  And overall just a lot that goes into maintaining this size of a home.  So much for the tiny home the man kept talking about, when it came down to it we seemed to choose the house with the most square footage. I'm already writing lists of what needs to be done, and the man is already settling too comfortably into the couch. ha

Ahhhh....the ways in which we are different are rather comical.  After painting the office in one day the man told me I was beast.  Yes think my beast mode is hard for him to understand, as I come from a family that doesn't stop until the needed work gets done.  They don't exactly believe in resting as much as the man does.  In fact think pretty much everyone in my family is puzzled by his need to rest and watch tv as they just aren't accustomed to doing that, especially if there is stuff that needs to get done.  They are more on the go types, hence probably where I got it from and exactly why the man and I to butt heads sometimes as his type b personality drives this type a crazy some days! ;)

Anyway, that's enough for now.  It's hard to believe there are only four days left until the wedding. More to come on that. 

For now Cooper looks how I feel, ready for a nap!

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