Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Monday Musings

One word for the weather here, steam bath.  The heat indices are reaching 115 and the air conditioners are running non stop.

Overall the week was incredibly busy.  We had house painters here Monday thru Thursday.  The guy who owns the company is actually a friend of mine from the college days.  He was able to fit us in rather last minute when another job got postponed for a few days.  The man broke his foot Monday night while leaving work.  We are still trying to unpack the house which was delayed even more with all the painters here and his foot crisis.

This weekend was busy as well.  Friday we had to pick up my sister and mother's dresses for the wedding.  Then we came back to our house for free pizza and soda which our mortgage company gives to their clients when they move in.  My family all got to hang out for a while which was nice.

Saturday I continued to work on the house but also had to focus on wedding stuff too.  My mother, sister and niece went out for a bridal dinner.  With everything going on this year my family kind of ran out of time to hold a bridal shower.  It's funny as I didn't think it would matter but I did feel kind of disappointed because the idea of a bridal shower at this age actually sounded fun.  That kind of girly stuff appeals to me.  But for some reason it just didn't come together so just got to move on.  At least we had a nice dinner together. :)

The man was suppose to be going to his bachelor party Saturday but with breaking his foot they cancelled it.  He would have had to drive to New York and all the standing/walking on it would not have been good.  Think he was disappointed as well but in return he got to lounge on the couch all weekend which is essentially his favorite thing to do.

So turns out neither one of us got our bridal shower or bachelor party.  Like I've said it's just been the craziest year.  It really felt like such a whirlwind of activities and events.  Sometimes think it might have been better to wait to get married until things were a bit more settled.  At the moment there are just things that are making me feel rather unsure about the whole thing.

Sunday the man laid around all day while I trimmed trees, worked on wedding stuff and continued trying to organize the house.  Breaking his foot like he did sucks as he when he isn't working he is pretty much a couch potato to begin with so this just gives him an even bigger reason to never leave the couch. It may be a while until the new house gets officially unpacked and set up!

One thing I've always noticed about the man is he talks big.  Like when we were in the process of trying to buy this house he had big ideas and plans for it, but when it comes down to it all those idea it's another thing.  He's great at talking but not doing so much. Pretty much as soon as the tv is hooked up in our new houses he falls back into his couch ways.

Anyway, the move has taken a toll on Cooper.  Much like after our move last year at this time his stomach is a mess.  Believe it's a combination of poor food choices and nerves.  He's thrown up all over the new house carpet possible destroying it, and now has the runs bad.  So as soon as we can get an appointment it's off to the vets.

My cousin's husband passed away after only a few weeks of being diagnosed with stomach cancer, they checked him into the hospital a few weeks ago and he never left.  How does that happen?  We forget how precious life is, how quickly things can change. Brings so many questions to mind.

Truthfully all I just wrote isn't really scratching the surface of how I feel lately.  My thoughts have been much deeper, on past and present choices.  Am I really happy with the life I've created and who I have chosen to include in it?  If it wasn't for the dizziness not sure the choices would even be the same.  It's taken me awhile to discover the truth in life, to really be able to look at things with a new perspective.  Now that I have feel like I'm done with the crap, done with people who bully and play games, done with those who can't open themselves up to love.  Anyway....

These are my favorite moments lately.....

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